There is a high voice about the investigation of the truth and prevention of recurrence regarding the death of a 23-year-old college student who was working at Pyeongtaek Port last month, being covered in container parts. Lee Seon-ho, who died, was involved in an unfamiliar job as a service company and suffered an accident, but it was confirmed that the service company had signed a contract with the original contractor by promoting that it has the advantage of overcoming the risk of an accident.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Hong Young-jae.

<Reporter> The

original contractor claims that the safety supervisor was at the site at the time of the accident.

Another service company employee was hired as a safety manager.

[Employee of the original company: (Is it exactly what you hired as a safety supervisor?) While working as a supervisor, we are doing safety work together, including the supervisor's work.]

However, unlike the description of the original company, the service company does safety management I urge you to not be in charge.

Lee Seon-ho's father, who died, also says that there was no safety manager at the site at the time of the accident.

[Jae-Hoon Lee/Seon-ho Lee's late father: The site safety manager, one is that there were no ones, let alone the two signals that signaled the forklift.]

Seon-ho Lee was working on removing the residue from the container, but beside him, he was also working on a forklift.

The container was shaken by a forklift operation, and a part weighing 300 kg struck Lee's head.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, when working with a forklift, access to other workers must be controlled and the work commander and signal number must be assigned.

Obviously, it's a violation of the rules.

In the midst of this, criticism is rising over the contents of this service company's promotion of the benefits of the contract through its homepage.

It means that the prime contractor can'pass the risk of accidents to the service provider', which clearly shows how wrong the perception of industrial accidents is.

(Video coverage: Lee Seung-hwan, video editing: Kim Jong-tae, CG: Lee Jun-ho)