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He was sentenced to probation from imprisonment for those in their 60s who unearthed and cremated the tomb of the wrong person, not the tomb of the father who was going to move.

Judge Park Jin-young, the Chuncheon District Law Criminal 2nd exclusive judge, said that 63-year-old A, who was charged with violating the law on burial and burial, was sentenced to four months in prison and one year probation.

In May of last year, Mr. A randomly unearthed one tombstone that the victim B had been managing as the tomb of his grandmother.

Although cremation was not allowed in facilities or places other than cremation facilities, the removed remains were cremated directly.

Judge Park said, "I don't know the exact location of my father's tomb, so I know that there is a possibility that I could dig another lion's tomb incorrectly, but tolerated it, I excavated the tomb that Mr. B had been managing. He pointed out that he committed a crime of asking, undermining the serenity of the tomb and religious feelings toward the lions."

"The victim is petitioning for a severe punishment for the defendant," he explained. "However, it seems that the crime seemed to have been carried out by a hasty judgment, taking into account the point that it does not appear that there was malicious intent."

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