Cho Dae-sik, chairman of the SK Supex Pursuit Council, who is said to be the second leader of the SK Group, was summoned to the prosecution on the morning of the 7th as a suspect. The prosecution is also calling Cho Joong-mok, CEO of SK Energy, to investigate.

Reporter Bae Joon-woo's report.

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Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office summoned SK Supex Pursuit Council Chairman Cho Dae-sik as a suspect this morning to conduct an investigation.

Chairman Cho Dae-sik is known as the'two-person qualification' of SK Group, which is known to have been directly recruited by SK Chairman Choi Tae-won, and is known as a key figure in the operation of affiliates.

The prosecution is intensively looking into the situation in which Cho was involved in the capital increase of SK Telesys in April 2015, when Chairman Cho was the chairman of SKC.

In particular, it is suspected that the approval of Chairman Cho Dae-sik to invest 70 billion won in a paid-in capital increase of SK Telesys has caused damage to SKC.

In 2015, the CEO of SK Telesys was Chairman Shin Shin-won, who had already been handed over to trial.

It is reported that Chairman Cho and the SK Supex Pursuit Council are insisting on the position of "management activities at the group level."

It was announced that SK Telesys saw a surplus due to a paid-in capital increase of tens of billions of won.

Along with this, the prosecution is calling Cho Joong-mok, the CEO of SK Energy, as a reference.

In 2015, CEO Cho Joong-mok was in charge of the finance team leader of SK, a holding company.

The prosecution is asking Chairman Jo and CEO Cho about how the decision to participate in the capital increase was made.