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What is the first news today (7th)?

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A restaurant owner who routinely dumped food waste from a restaurant on the road late at night was caught after a persistent pursuit by the administrative authorities.

Late at night, as you can see on the road, a motorcycle throws away a bag of food waste and runs away.

In March, the Geumjeong-gu Office in Busan received a report from environmental cleaners that there are people who regularly throw away food waste on the road.

Late at night, 10 to 20 liters of food waste bags were thrown along the road without fail, and it has been repeated for over a year.

The ward office's control team checked the contents of the garbage and analyzed the surrounding CCTV images, but the image quality was blurred, so it was not possible to check the license plate.

In response, the police inspected a restaurant with a motorcycle captured by CCTV, compressed the suspect, and caught the site of trespassing at night after hiding.

The culprit was the owner of a delivery restaurant, and the Geumjeong-gu Office imposed a fine of 500,000 won on the restaurant owner. For this, netizens even posted protesting posts saying that the fine for negligence was too small compared to the crime.

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first, I just thought about where I secretly hid it like this, but I just threw it on the road. That's just trash dumping, just like if we throw away cigarette butts without permission, a fine of 50,000 won will be imposed. By the way, does that mean there is no basis for punishing more than 500,000 won?

<Hyun-Joon Ko/Presentation Critic>

So, for example, if you throw away household wastes through business activities, you can be fined up to 1 million won, but since this is not household waste, 500,000 won is the biggest fine under the current law.

However, it is not a matter of fines, but because that is something we should not do as members of society, the criticism seems to be greater in those areas.


Okay. It seems that it is not just 500,000 won, but consumers' reprimands are bigger. What is the second news?

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The second news is that a local indigenous tribal chief accused of murdering a Korean female tourist in a famous tourist destination in Bolivia was sentenced to 15 years in prison at the first trial.

In January 2018, a Korean woman in her 40s was found dead on the island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

This woman is known to have died of hypovascular shock after being stabbed several times by something sharp.

The island of the sun was a region with strong tribal autonomy, so the police investigation was not properly conducted at first, but at the request of the South Korean side, the local authorities, who re-invested, arrested the local tribal chief Mendoza in May 2019, one year after the incident.

Mendoza denies the murder charge, and tribal residents are also carrying out lifesaving campaigns through social media, but the prosecution submitted the witnesses' statements, autopsy, and the results of on-site identification to the court, and eventually obtained the court's approval.

Since the incident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has raised the travel warning for this area to the'recommendation for withdrawal', and has maintained it until now, due to fears of retaliation by the natives.


What's the last news today?


is the last news for

<Ko Hyun-jun/Sisa Critic>

England's William Wang Se-son and his wife have made their official debut as YouTubers and are attracting attention.

[Kate: You don't have to roll'R' too much.]

[William: Oh, is that so?]

This YouTube channel was officially opened on the 5th by Queen William and his wife, Kate. It was because it was the debut of a YouTuber of the royal family.

The video featured a variety of scenes, such as Prince William hugging an African-American, or Queen Kate chatting with women of various races.

The British royal family was William's younger brother last March. The image fell sharply after the Prince Harry and his wife revealed that they had been racially discriminated against by the royal family.

Their first start on YouTube is being evaluated as a passing score, but when looking at the reactions of British and American media, they are showing reactions such as "fun" and "we aimed at young people well"