<Anchor> The number of

new corona19 confirmed cases is decreasing to 500 on the second day, but the mutant virus infection is spreading mainly in Ulsan. In the midst of this, more than 200 Koreans from India returned to Korea through Incheon Airport in the early morning of today (7th).

The first news, reporter Park Soo-jin will deliver.

<Reporter> The number of

new corona19 confirmed cases came out yesterday with 525 and recorded 500 in the second day.

Among the new confirmed cases, 509 are domestic outbreaks, excluding 16 foreign inflows.

By region, 325 people were confirmed in the metropolitan area and 184 people were confirmed in the non-metropolitan area.

The average number of domestic confirmed cases per day for the last week, which is a key indicator of distancing adjustment, is 554, which has declined after falling to 500 in 20 days.

However, it is too early to reassure the spread of the mutant virus and the continued spread of large and small populations.

In Ulsan, where the mutant virus infection is spreading, an additional 35 people were confirmed yesterday.

The government has decided to strengthen preemptive testing and epidemiological investigations to prevent the spread of the mutant virus.

[Hong Nam-ki / Acting Prime Minister: (for Ulsan) a central epidemiological investigator was dispatched to the field, temporary screening inspection offices were expanded from 3 to 10, and an administrative order for preemptive inspection of workers in multi-use facilities was greatly strengthened. I'm doing it.]

In India, where more than 400,000 confirmed cases are occurring a day, more than 200 Indian citizens returned to their home country on the second special flight this morning following the last 4 days.

Korean residents are required to go to a temporary living facility to undergo a diagnostic test and stay in isolation for 7 days even if there is a negative sound.

In addition, you must self-isolate for a week after leaving the hospital.

About 42,000 people received the first vaccination a day yesterday, so the cumulative number of first vaccinations increased to 3.6 million.

From the 27th, out of the 2.1 million seniors aged 70-74 who are vaccinated against the AstraZeneca vaccine, more than 246,000 have completed their reservation yesterday, the first day of advance reservation.