I don't think the world will change easily.

People's thoughts don't change easily.

It's the result of experience.

And even I only see the facts and evidence I want to see when I organize my thoughts.

So I don't think it will change easily.

However, the efforts of me and the people we share in this process of change.

And also those who support and support this public opinion.

I hope you appreciate the sincerity of the solidarity forces.

I think that just by being evaluated for such authenticity, it can be said that the change has begun.

  -Attorney Park Joon-young in an interview with SBS-

Attorney Park Joon-young, who has published <Kim Hak's Fact-Investigation Report on Past History> to SBS and the Hankook Ilbo, said that there are many days when he cannot sleep recently.

While creating controversy, the process of reviewing Kim Hak's past history has succeeded in becoming'public debate', but in order for this to flow in a productive direction, he must continue striving.

As attorney Park said, the fact that the case has been publicized is not going to change the world easily.

There are reactions to cheer for the courage of lawyer Park Joon-young, who started making public debates, but criticism of the intention, legitimacy, and logic of public debate continues.

As with all things, long-lasting things often lead to fatigue and emptiness.

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"It's a political reason?"

Nevertheless, in order not to miss the meaning of public debate in this case,'Let's look back at the past and find the meaning of the future', there are tasks that need to be solved continuously even if it takes time.

SBS, who has participated in the public debate of'Kim Hak's re-investigation case' with attorney Park Joon-young, intends to point out and record the tasks left by public debate in this last report file.

The history of law, weak to the strong and strong to the weak

'The principle of due process must be observed even for violent criminals, and even the most suspicious person must respect the minimum honor and human rights'. This is one of the core arguments of lawyer Park Joon-young, who started to make public debate. However, many people responded that it is difficult to accept. Many people who express criticism through comments on lawyer Park Joon-young say that Park's public opinion itself is a kind of'water ride' that delays the realization of justice. 'Rather than talking about the human rights of a person who has escaped the law like a loach like a loach by using a high-ranking public office, is it not the first to correct the mistakes of our unjust law, which was weak to the strong and strong to the weak.' Attorney Park Joon-young also says that it is not something that does not understand the reaction of these people.


By the way, while watching the lawyer's disclosure and progress, the reason why many people feel uncomfortable is because Kim Hak-eui is a person who received sexual treatment from a business owner at a villa. 'No, there may be some detailed errors in the process of re-investigating a person who has not been condemned legally even after receiving sexual treatment for such a bad person, using high-ranking officials, but it is too much to make a problem with it.' What do you think of that point?


There is a part to relate to. If I was an ordinary citizen who didn't learn the law and didn't know much about Kim Hak's former vice-minister's case, I would be the same. Because the law was too weak for the strong. And it was too strong against the weak. Then there is such a history that we have not been able to liquidate anything, and I fully sympathize with the view of the former Vice Minister Kim case.

However, responsibility for the act. You have to be as responsible for what you did. If you are held accountable for more than your fault, you won't even admit the fault you've done. He tries to deny even his own mistakes. That's why proper responsibility is so important. And these principles should apply equally to everyone.

  -Attorney Park Joon-young in an interview with SBS-

Attorney Park Joon-young believes that there is no priority between correcting the injustice of our law, which was only weak for the strong, and public debate in this case that'procedural justice and objectivity should not be damaged'.

The same was the thought of SBS reporters who participated in the public debate of lawyer Park Joon-young.

This is because there is no reason to postpone the work of reviewing the damage of procedural justice until the injustice of our law is corrected.

However, there is certainly a reason for the anger of those who have experienced long-standing injustice in our society that'the law is weak only to the strong'.

In the process of publicizing this case, many people are asking how active our investigative agency and the media have been in correcting the mistakes of our law, which were weak against the strong and strong against the weak.

For this reason, the investigative agencies involved in the disposition of Kim Hak's case, the media that went to the report, and those who participated in the public debate should never neglect this question of the public even after the public debate.

Unless responsible institutions and experts continue to pay attention to correcting the problem of injustice, such as ``applying unfair laws,'' as well as the public debate over'procedural justice', public debate in'Kim Hak's re-investigation case' is usually It may be just half a piece that doesn't mean much to people.

Production and verification of records

Attorney Park Joon-young released more than 1200 pages of <Kim Hak's Reinvestigation Report> and the case-related records to only two media outlets, SBS and The Hankook Ilbo. Attorney Park said, "In the beginning, the former prosecutor general Yoon Suk-yeol tried to proceed with public debate with the newspaper that made the mistake of being involved with Yoon Joong-cheon, but after seeing the biased column at the press desk, he collapsed because he feared another political use would occur." As an individual, not a public institution, it took too much risk for Park to disclose a case record containing sensitive content to all.

However, it is true that the limitation of verification is inevitable due to the limited disclosure of data. According to the logic of the'free and open market of thought', the reality of the matter can be revealed more accurately through the process of more people verifying records from more diverse perspectives and openly confronting truth and falsehood. Attorney Hong-Seok Yang (Jigong Law Firm), who has been involved in reforming various investigative agencies and emphasized the importance of'procedural justice', mentions this limitation. He said, "I basically trust Park Joon-young's judgment, but I think it is necessary to raise a problem with respect to the disclosure method and content," he said. "Anyway, the only person who has seen the record related to the disclosure right now is attorney Park Joon-young, so you can judge the right or wrong of that judgment. It was difficult, and the records were provided to only two media outlets on a limited basis, so there are too few people who have seen the records,” he pointed out.

He added, "If you monopolize the data, you can monopolize the evaluation, so it is difficult for anyone to say that Park Joon-young is wrong or that there are different opinions in the judgment."

He also raised criticism, saying, "In this case, we have no choice but to rely on the credibility of the messenger. So, we are concerned that the media is trying to solve the problem of right and wrong by making messenger an incarnation of good faith."

Attorney Park Joon-young said that SBS and <Hankook Ilbo> judged that they were relatively free media companies and provided data, but since both media companies cannot monopolize the interpretation of the truth, there are certain points to consider. .

In that respect, it is regrettable that the public entities such as the institutions and political forces that initiated'Research on Kim Hak's past history' are still silent in the process of public debate.

The public entities, who were not able to produce white papers in the first place, are not making any positions or explanations in the process of public debate started by Park Joon-young at a disadvantage.

The burden related to the disclosure of the records is still the individual attorney Park Joon-young.

It is possible that some of the relevant records will be provided during the trial after the investigation of the current'Research of Kim Hak' is completed.

However, this, too, has limitations.

Even if it is a little late, the public subjects who participated in the'Research of Kim Hak' need to think more actively about the public debate of the record that has not been revealed to the world.

An attempt not to forget the'faces'

I started out because of solitary free, but I've looked into the world of associations of words that I use often. As I checked my thoughts one by one, I found something very surprising. For example, in the word'unemployment', the thoughts that passed through my mind were one or two concepts I read in economics textbooks. Keynes, Malthus, organic composition, relative surplus population, etc... … It was reminiscent of dry economics concepts. Even in the case of concepts that have a high degree of sociality, such as'war','capital', and'commodity', I couldn't help but be surprised that the essence of social relations, which is the essence of it, is being thought of. The word'war' reminded me of the game screen of the latest weapons, while'Capital' was reminiscent of a bank window, and'Products' was reminiscent of a department store show window. In short, there were few cases in which the'person', the source of emotional empathy, was associated with it.

When I first realized that there were no human faces in my consciousness, the shock was tremendous. It was like loneliness standing in a barren reclaimed land with only a few books. If the cold-hearted reason required of social science students is to be based on a warm heart, then my world of ideas in which people are excluded is truly pale. I was just getting a shell from what I read and thought, even what I went through with my whole body. So, I decided to plant every face of a person in the world of my association. I wanted to fill the association world with people's body temperature.

Attorney Park Joon-young, who is continuing to participate in public debate work through Facebook, quoted Shin Young-bok as above. In the process of public debate in social science, it is very important not to be buried in abstract concepts and to not miss the'people's face' associated with this concept. Since discussions and debates in the process of public debate are not ‘competitions’ that anyone wins or loses, but in the end, it is intended to improve the lives of ‘people’, the point of Mr. Shin Young-bok that ‘do not miss the faces of people’ is very important. . However, the difficulty is that the process of planting these'human faces' one by one is quite complicated.

In the above Facebook article, citing Shin Young-bok's writing, attorney Park wrote that when he thinks of the word'conscience', he is reminiscent of the'face' of Prosecutor A, who participated in the investigation team at the time. At the time of Kim Hak's re-investigation in 2019, he said, he was the only investigator to read all the records, and think about the value of'conscience' through'face' of Prosecutor A, who was constantly opposed to attempts to revise the report without grounds. However, this is a memory from Park Joon-young's point of view. Other investigators who are currently silent may remember Prosecutor A differently, and may recall words other than'conscience' on his face. In this way, in the process of public debate, objectively drawing the faces of the people involved is as difficult as the argument with logic.

Nevertheless, to go back to Shin Young-bok's intellectual point of view, we must not give up on constantly attempting to accurately portray and recall people's'faces' in the process of social science public debate. This is because the'faces' of those involved in the event drawn in the process of public debate will create associations of various concepts, and that will soon affect the quality level of the result of public debate.

In this respect, there are faces that should not be missed in the process of publicizing this case. It is the complex face of the women who appeared in this incident. In one section of the case record, women who have the faces as'innocents' claiming false damages, and in another section as'victims' who have complained of sexual exploitation. In Kim Hak's Report on Reinvestigation of Past History, cross sections of these women's faces are scattered like puzzle pieces that don't fit. However, the effort to constantly fit these pieces must continue. It is also an effort to more accurately grasp the humanity of the characters in this case, and in order to think about the laws and procedures that governed them, and in what direction those laws and procedures should change, a close examination of their'humanity' is the first priority. It should be.

People who do not have the power and resources are crushed by the various pressures of the world and sometimes have to live as victims and sometimes as perpetrators, and it is happening everywhere today. Our laws may have been too old or too old tools to accurately judge their actions and lives and to give them correct disposition. I think that in order for the law that governs humanity to become more elaborate, the degree of understanding of the'humanity' of the society that makes the law should begin with precision. When contemplating the limitations and development of our law after the public debate of'Kim Hak's re-investigation case', it is important to constantly try to materialize the faces of those who had to live between the perpetrators and the victims.

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