The two somewhat embarrassing stories that netizens have recently experienced are receiving great interest and sympathy on social media.


Click> The third search term is'the absurd neighbors'.

Two days ago, a post was posted on an online site saying,'I bought Tteokbokki and it became unconceived'.

The author bought Cup Tteokbokki to a friend A who was dismissed with a child in the second grade of elementary school, and received a protest text from A's mother.

A's mother said,'I have never fed my child street food.

Isn't it common sense to ask your parents?'

However, the author asked the child if he had ever eaten Cup Tteokbokki, and said he had eaten it several times, so he bought it with a good heart, but he burst into anger, saying that he became a person without common sense.

The following is captured from an Apartel parking lot in Incheon.

A foreign car was stopped in the car path, not in the parking space, and a terrifying intimidation word was stuck on the windshield.

There was a lot of criticism on the borrower who left a memo outside of common sense because it was not enough to park a concept in the post.

Netizens said, "If you're ignorant, you're brave... and you can see toughness on a tough memo." "Do children have to eat Cup Tteokbokki with permission these days? That delicious thing..." responded.

(Screen source: Nate Pan, Bobae Dream)