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Taking the fish out for a walk is now possible. The Japanese multinational Ma Corporation has created a fish tank that allows

"live fish"

to be


"Take home the fish you caught or the one you bought in the market!", They describe on their Instagram account. Many internet users are looking forward to acquiring this extravagant invention, called the

Katsugyo Stock Exchange

, and they predict

its commercial success

in the coming months.

"I think about buying it as soon as it comes out",

"This is a breakthrough!"

"Fishermen and fish will be very happy", this is how many users showed their happiness when they learned about this invention.

The wish of the team that created it is "to work to promote live fish".

Therefore, this unusual fish tank has an oxygen supply and temperature maintenance.

The operation of the product can be seen in the videos on his Instagram account where you can see how the fish arrive in good condition at their destination after spending time in the "Katsugyo Bag".

See this post on Instagram

The selling price of this product has not been determined and the final design may still change until it reaches commercialization.

In fact, in recent days they have managed to transport several fish, instead of just one, and in a short time the new features that they incorporate will advance.

"We will announce what species of fish can be taken with us and for how long," they described on their Instagram account.

Although the invention was born with the intention of transporting fish that will be cooked, it



possible to adapt it to pets

and thus replace plastic bags.

The creators have thanked the great dissemination of the invention on social networks.

Your next challenge is that far from being a fish tank,

the Katsugyo Bags become a bag


This way it will be possible to carry our fish on the shoulder down the street.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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