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Years ago, the speed of your Internet connection was not a priority unless you were a regular user of online video games.

However, we have more and more devices connected to the Internet at home (mobile phones, tablets, computers, SmartTV ...) that make

bandwidth speed an important issue


hiring the Internet


It may happen that for different reasons

you are not enjoying the bandwidth that you pay

, to check that your speed adjusts to what is contracted it is best to do an Internet speed test.

It is valid for both Ethernet and 4G, 5G or WiFi connections.

This way you will know if you need to

make changes to your installation or call your phone company


The easiest way is to take

the test offered by Google.

It does not require registration and is free.

You can access it through this link.

The test

takes less than 30 seconds and involves transferring around 40MB of data to test both upload and download speeds, as

well as latency.

From the description of the service they indicate that the information they collect does not include any personal data about the user who performs the test.

Another option is Speedtest from the American company Ookla, which also has a mobile application to take the test directly from your device.

The advantages of choosing this service is that it allows you to change the test server, do the test for a single or multi connection, select a personalized test

based on your browser, device or operating system

, in addition to giving you information such as ping.

The downsides are that it

collects a bit more information when testing such as unique device or location identifiers

, further advising that you consider it legitimate to share this data with ISPs, hardware manufacturers, and industry regulators.

It is not uncommon for a streaming platform as large as Netflix to have its own speed test, Fast.

This service, in addition to

showing you the

data upload and download speed, measures upload and download latency,

shows you the location of the server accessed by your router and your provider


There is also it as a mobile application, free and without advertising.

Tips for taking the test

In the first place, if you want to know for sure the maximum speed that you can obtain for the service you have contracted,

connect your computer or device directly to the router by Ethernet, that is, by cable


There is no data loss, as is the case with WiFi.

The in-app versions of the speed tests are very useful to measure

the available bandwidth in each room

or corner of the house

from your smartphone


In this way, we can make an estimate of

where to place the router

if a laptop with a Wi-Fi connection is going to be used or where to locate the


in the case of having the forecast to play online and

broadcast in high definition


A more thorough test

, but less real, involves disconnecting the rest of the devices (game consoles, tablets, mobile phones) and only leaving the one from which the test is being connected.

It is less real since normally, when you use the Internet,

you will have the rest of the devices connected

, so we recommend this method only if a very large gap is detected between what is contracted and what the tests indicate.

This way you can make sure that the connection speed is actually lower than the contracted one.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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