In an Apartel parking lot in Incheon, it has been known that a car owner who has a Mercedes-Benz car on a vehicle path other than a parking space has a threatening memo saying not to affix a parking violation warning sticker on the vehicle.

On the bulletin board of'Baby Dream' of the Internet community, a post titled'A Benz that makes you more Xappears has appeared' was posted.

The author said it was Mo Apatel in Songdo, Incheon, and uploaded 4 photos of Mercedes-Benz vehicles standing on the roadway in the parking lot.

In the explanatory article, the author wrote, ``I have done so proudly in the parking lot, and swear not to put a label in front of (vehicle), with a curse.

The author explained that there were many seats in the parking lot up to the 4th basement level.

In the picture, the memo on the windshield of the Mercedes car says,'I don't say anything. Stop labeling XX. Before I open the black box, look at my face, go to find it and kill it. Make more parking spaces. Herniated disc burst' was written.

Earlier last month, at an apartment complex in Michuhol-gu, Incheon, the Bentley owner occupied two spaces exclusively for light vehicles at once and parked them in a single space or placed a vehicle in the passageway.

According to the current road traffic law, if a vehicle is parked in a no-parking area, police officers or city/gun officials can order the vehicle to move, but to do this, the vehicle must be parked on the'road'.

There is a legal limitation that administrative measures cannot be enforced as the passageway or parking lot inside the apartment is a'private land' that does not correspond to a'road' used by the public.

(Photo = Internet Community Capture, Yonhap News)