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Through the hands of

Toshio Suzuki

(Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, 1948), co-founder of the legendary Studio Ghibli, many of the great animation successes of recent years have passed. From the hand of his colleague

Hayao Miyazaki

, the legendary producer and former president of the studios (he now acts as general producer), works such as

My Neighbor Totoro


Porco Rosso


Princess Mononoke


Spirited Away

have been created, with which they have created a entertainment empire in Japan. Suzuki now mentors

Goro Miyazaki

, whom he has supported in his idea of ​​following in his father's footsteps in the field of animation. In fact, it was he who first convinced him to work at the Ghibli Museum and who commissioned him in 2006 to


Tales from Earthsea

, which produced some father-son tension as the first considered that his offspring was not yet prepared for such responsibility. . The Miyazaki ended up burying the hatchet, and the result is

Earwig and the Witch

, the first film in which the popular Japanese animation company has used CGI and computer-recreated images, which opens on April 30. The film is based on the eponymous book by British writer

Diana Wynne Jones

, who was already adapted by Studio Ghibli in the famous and admired movie Howl's Moving


(2004), and opens on April 30. Goro Miyazaki directs, his father participates in the script and general supervision, and Toshio Suzuki produces.

Did you know Diana Wynne Jones's book before starting production on the film? Yes, I knew about Diana Wynne Jones's novel thanks to the fact that we had previously worked on a production based on another of her work. In fact, I visited his home in Bristol, UK when we were preparing

Howl's Moving Castle

, back in 2003. How was the decision made to make the first Studio Ghibli film with CGI and 3-D animation? Goro Miyazaki wanted to have the possibility of breaking new ground, something in which he resembles his father. I wanted to make a movie with an animation that was generated by computer, not by human tracing. And we decided to do it. How was the experience of working with Goyo Miyazaki again? It is not your first film, so everything went very fast. It will go far.

Is it very different from working with your father? It is completely different. I had never thought about this, but the truth is that an image has just escaped my mind. I hadn't talked to Hayao for a long time, but three or four years ago I started communicating. There are times when you don't know what the other person thinks. But he is able to convey his thoughts with his art. It is one of the reasons that has allowed it to be present for many generations. Create your own cosmos. To be honest with you, Goro has worked with me since he was young. I produced his work since I was young. Well, it was him, not me ... fortunately [laughs]. Do you pay much attention to the legacy that Studio Ghibli has created in the world of animation? I honestly think that it is not something I should value. I am concerned about your opinion, for example.And that of all the people in the world who love our products. So you can tell me what you think if you want [laughs]. It's difficult to select a film from his studio, but I imagine the same thing will happen to you ... Of course. I have produced all the films in the studio, but my favorite is always the film I am currently involved in. How do you see the future of the company? Currently, Goro has not finished his latest project yet. And his father is working on another [Goro has not finished his latest project yet. And his father is working on another [Goro has not finished his latest project yet. And his father is working on another [

How do you live?


Then we plan to enter other animation projects that we already have planned.

And we look forward to continuing to explore the world of CGI.

We want to continue with it, without abandoning traditional animation.

Are you optimistic about the future of cinema? It will probably take a long time to recover and return to numbers before the pandemic situation.

There are films that cannot be released in theaters, or that the public cannot go to see.

Many things have been derived from



. But at the same time there are many people watching movies and enjoying these channels. I think it is good news that you can reach these audiences, that people see them and that viewers feel and enjoy those stories. Are you satisfied with the collaboration with Netflix in different countries of the world? Yes, a lot! Many people are discovering our films for the first time all over the world. And as an important part in the creation of these productions, I cannot wish for anything other than as many people as possible to enjoy them. It makes me very, very happy. You started your career in the world of manga, are you still connected to it in any way? Do you currently read a collection? I am not currently following any collection. But I keep reading the


which are published in Japan. I am aware of the existence of numerous very interesting manga series. What is currently happening in my country is that probably many people read more because of the pandemic, there is much more interest in leisure consumption at home, so there is also a greater interest in the adaptations that can be seen on the platforms of streaming. And the same thing happens with the consumption of manga


. Shonen, Shojo, Josei, Seinen ... There is a great variety of genres depending on the type of reader. The truth is that I feel that there is a revival, which is once again a great source of distraction for people. Would you give any advice to young people who want to start a career in the world of manga or animation? For me the most important thing what happened to me this year is to be able to present

Earwig and the Witch


Knowing that a lot of people are going to see the movie, they are going to enjoy it.

That is a big thing for me.

And this is what I would like to convey to young people, is that they discover their tricks, that they do something that interests me, that they love.

In Japan you can even get into a manga to recommend to readers.

So I want them to do something so good that it forces me out.

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