Today (4th) in Gangneung, Gangwon-do, 43 foreign workers were confirmed as corona19.

According to Gangwon-do health authorities, 43 were confirmed in a total inspection of 743 foreign workers.

By nationality of foreign workers, Russia is the largest with 36, and the rest are known to be Central Asian nationalities.

In Gangneung, a foreign worker, Mr. A, was confirmed on the 1st, and six more people who contacted the man yesterday were infected.

Accordingly, the city health authorities have established a temporary screening test center for foreign workers in the old intercity bus terminal parking lot, and are conducting diagnostic tests for 730 foreign workers, including foreign workers in the same line as Mr. A.

The health authorities are conducting an epidemiological investigation, assuming that some of the infected foreign workers lived together.

Gangneung City plans to raise social distancing to two stages.

Earlier in Pyeongchang, nine Vietnamese foreign workers (Pyeongchang No. 160-168) who worked on cabbage with Mr. A (Pyeongchang No. 154), a man in their 40s who were confirmed on the 30th of last month, were confirmed as a bunch.

(Photo = Yonhap News)