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India, 400,000 confirmed cases a day are pouring out. Given this situation, our Korean people in India are also leaving India. Today (4th) 172 people returned home. The government has decided to quarantine Indian citizens returning home from the facility for 7 days even if they test negative.

This news is reporter Hak-Hwi Kim.

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special flight carrying 172 Koreans took off from Chennai International Airport in southern India this morning.

Flights carrying corporate expatriates and international students are expected to arrive at Incheon Airport at around 11:45 am today.

Currently, the spread of Corona 19 is going out of control in India, with about 400,000 new cases occurring every day.

There are 10,000 Koreans living in India.

As the coronavirus situation worsens, more people want to return to their home country, and only this month, 12 irregular flights between India and Korea are being promoted, twice the previous plan.

On the 7th following the charter departure from Chennai today, a flight carrying 211 Koreans from Bengaluru Airport, India, will return to Korea.

Koreans returning from India are required to remain in quarantine for 7 days, even if they undergo diagnostic tests and test negative.

In addition, the quarantine guidelines have been reinforced to undergo another diagnostic test before leaving the facility, and another diagnostic test at a public health center on the 13th day of entry, before self-isolation is lifted.