Namyang Dairy, which was controversial after announcing that its own dairy products have a coronavirus suppression effect, resigned after three weeks of the incident. The chairman is scheduled to apologize today (4th). However, the agency owners who suffered the most damage from this incident are suffering.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam reports.


Lee Kwang-beom, CEO of Namyang Dairy, announced that he would take responsibility for the Bulgaris' corona 19 suppression effect and withdraw.

He added that it is unfortunate that the limitations of the study were not clearly communicated in the process of publicizing meaningful scientific research results.

Chairman Hong Won-sik today announced that he would apologize to the public.

Hong Jin-seok, the eldest son of Chairman Hong, who is responsible for this incident as the head of the marketing division, was dismissed from his post last month.

When the suspicion that the money was useful, such as renting a luxury foreign-made car and using it personally, was reported through an exclusive SBS report, it was reported as a measure taken.

Namyang, which is in the greatest crisis since its inception, took action three weeks after the incident, such as Sejong City gave a two-month notice of business suspension to the Namyang Dairy's Sejong Plant, and the police seized and searched the Namyang Dairy Headquarters.

In the meantime, the dealership owners had to suffer enormous damage.

[Namyang Dairy Agency Owner A: I removed some of it from our refrigerator, put it out of sight, took it out one by one, and sold it. There are a lot of difficulties in doing business. Because I can hear a lot of things like that in the back of the gossips. It's upset.]

It is unclear whether a belated apology and a remedy will be able to bring back the chilled consumer mind amid the boycott of the agency following the incident.