Naver is receiving fierce protests by declaring an early termination after starting an event that gives cash points when posting a post on the blog for a certain period of time.

Earlier, on April 27, the Naver Blog Team announced the progress of an event called'Everyday Challenge #Today's Diary'.

If you leave a journal on your blog for two weeks from Saturday, May 1st to Friday, May 14th, you will receive up to KRW 16,000 Naver Pay points.

However, yesterday (3rd), 3 days after the start of the event, the Naver Blog Team announced the early end of the challenge.

There are too many participants who use methods that do not match the planning intention and the original purpose, such as copying and pasting with multiple IDs, and they made this decision after contemplation.

The Naver Blog Team repeatedly apologized for being unprepared for various situations and confused the participants, but the anger of the netizens who participated is not fading easily.

Early termination notices such as "Isn't it a trick to sign up for Naver Pay", "Three days most memorable after Gapsinjeongbyeon", and "Not a neighborhood hole shop" are still criticizing comments.

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(Photo ='Naver Blog Team' Official Blog)