If Lee Chun-jae hadn't spoken, the truth that the police hid in the past would not have been revealed to the world even now. Lee Chun-jae confessed, knowing that the case of Hyun-Jung Yang was also treated as an American murder case, but later said that it was a disappearance case.

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This is how


Chun-jae confessed.

In November of last year, four months after the police announced the results of the investigation, Lee Chun-jae states why he confessed to the murder of Hyun-jung at the prosecution.

Lee Chun-jae said at the time of the police investigation in December 2019, "I thought that the case of both Hyun-jung was classified as a few cases in Hwaseong, not a disappearance case, and made a statement."

“At the time, the police tried to admit only nine murder cases, but they were surprised to see that they called out a larger number,” he added.

He then stated, "I made a statement after asking the police to bring all the U.S. incidents in the Hwaseong area, but the police did not ask about the case of Hyun-Jung first."

Lee Chun-jae also added, "Because the police investigated the case of Hyun-Jung more closely than other cases, at first I thought that someone else had overthrown the crime, but later, through the media, I found out that this case was handled as a disappearance, not a murder."

If Lee Chun-jae had not spoken, the case of Hyeon-jeong, which was concealed by the police for 30 years, would still remain as a case of disappearance, and the substance of the national crime would have been buried.

(Video coverage: Bae Munsan, video editing: Kim Jong-tae, CG: Jeong Si-won)      

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