Today (3rd), we will start the news at 8 o'clock with the exclusive Panda Team report until the end. In 1989, Kim Hyun-jung, who was 8 years old at the time, disappeared from Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do. The family traveled across the country for 30 years, but it ended with a disappearance case. Then two years ago, serial killer Lee Chun-jae confided that he was the real culprit who killed Hyun-jung. In the investigation, the police arrested two police officers saying that the investigation team at the time found and hid the body of Ms. Hyun-Jeong, and destroyed the evidence. However, it was not all that we obtained and checked the investigation records. At least 10 police officers were found to have been found silent, and it turned out that they even fabricated evidence on the scene. The story of the investigation team at the time was that it would be noisy if there was another murder case on Mars.

First, reporter So Hwan-wook is an exclusive report.


These are the prosecutor's and police investigation records of the murder of Kim Hyun-jung, obtained by the Panda team until the end.

In December 1989, the body was found five months after the disappearance of Ms. Hyun Jeong, but the police investigation team concealed the body, and it contains the circumstances that many of the police investigation teams knew about.

Police officer A said at the time that'a fellow police officer pointed to the bottom of the mountain and said that there was Hyun Jung asleep.'

"Cop B, who said, "I heard that the body came out near the belongings and covered it," and "Cop C. I heard that the body was buried under the lead of the chief criminal."

The detective squad police who were dispatched to the scene at the time also stated that'the bone was found, but I heard that it was covered.'

A situation came out after the body was hidden and an attempt was made to systematically hide this fact.

Police officer D stated, "The chief of detectives gathered and told reporters that it would be a big deal if they knew it, and kept the security." .

When the reporters met in a difficult time, the police on the investigation team also confessed this fact.

[At the time, investigative team official: The report revealed that the findings of belongings and bodies were simply buried and investigated as a disappearance case.]

Manipulation of on-site evidence was also revealed.

In a 1989 investigation report, it was recorded that Hyun Jung's clothes were arranged in a shoe pocket, so it seemed to be a simple runaway.

[Police officer dispatched at the time of reporting oil goods: There was something like this hanging on a thorn tree, so (the first reporters) had the name of Hyeonjeong on the nameplate when he picked up the oil goods... .]

After the truth was revealed in 30 years, the investigative team at the time said,'It seems like it would be noisy because there was another serial murder', and Policeman A said, "I thought that I only needed to shut up because I was so restless." I did.

At the time, it was revealed that at least 10 investigation teams were aware of the discovery and concealment of the body, but only two people, including the chief of the detective Lee Mo and the policeman who died in 2009, were charged with concealing the body.

At the same time, it was confirmed that they even submitted an absurd opinion to the prosecution stating,'It is presumed that they tried to resume the investigation later, rather than trying to permanently conceal the murder by concealing the body.

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Lee Chun-   

jae "Confessing that it was a murder case made in the United States... Police surprised"

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