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The 131st Labor Day, tomorrow (1st), is scheduled to be held in Seoul and Yeouido, where labor groups gather and march.

According to the Seoul National Police Agency, the KCTU will hold a rally near the LG Twin Tower in Yeouido at 2 pm on Labor Day, and will march across the Mapo Bridge in the direction of the Korean Business Owners Association Hall in Mapo-gu.

The construction union decided to hold a rally in the vicinity of Yeouido Park, but it is also planning to conduct a vehicle parade from the Sindaebang-dong Specialty Construction Hall in Dongjak-gu through Yeouido to the Gyeonggi General Hall.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, "We will mobilize the police force and equipment as much as possible to comply with the quarantine rules on site with the quarantine authorities, and if they violate the quarantine rules, we will strictly respond to dissolution and judicial treatment in accordance with relevant laws."

For detailed traffic conditions during the assembly and marching time period, you can check the traffic information call of the Seoul Police Agency, the traffic information center website, or the KakaoTalk Seoul Police Traffic Information

(Photo = Yonhap News)