The Seoul Gangbuk Police Department announced today (30th) that comedian Park Na-rae has initiated an investigation into a sexual harassment-related accusation in web entertainment.

The police filed a complaint this month asking for an investigation of Na-rae Park on charges of illegal information distribution under the Information and Communication Network Act through the National Newspaper and even completed the investigation of the accuser.

A police official said, "Because I couldn't check the video that was uploaded on YouTube, I asked the production company to receive the video data."

Park Na-rae introduced male dolls in the web entertainment'Hana-rae' of the YouTube channel studio Waffle, which was previously launched by CJ ENM, and raised suspicion by making a sexual harassment statement.

In the video, Na-rae Park changed clothes for a male doll called'Armstrong Man', brought the doll's arm toward the groin and made a penis shape, causing controversy about sexual harassment.

The crew closed the video and officially apologized, and Park Na-rae also issued a handwritten apology.