In order to encourage its users to accept targeted advertising, Facebook is currently broadcasting a message implying that the platform could become paid for people using an iPhone, reports

The Verge


This warning can also be found on Instagram.

Apple has recently strengthened the rules concerning the respect of the private life of its users, on iOS 14.5.

It is now possible on this operating system to block any possibility for an application to track user data, but also to list the use that certain services make of our personal data, specifies the media.

"Apple is using its dominant position"

As a reminder, Facebook stipulated until 2019 that its service would be free and would remain so.

Mark Zuckerberg did not present a paid version of his platform, in 2018, when he was auditioned by the American Congress, in the context of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

"Apple uses its dominant position to interfere with the operation of our applications as well as others, which they regularly do to prefer theirs," the Facebook official said last January, "which has an influence on the growth of millions of businesses around the world ”.

The apple brand has, for the moment, not responded to these comments.


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