"Is there any case of canceling vaccination? I would like to get hit first."

Inquiries are continuing at public health centers or vaccination centers asking if they can receive the remaining vaccines due to the failure to make a vaccination appointment for COVID-19 infection (no show).

According to Chungnam Province today (30th), about 40 calls were received yesterday in 15 cities and counties in South Chungcheong Province as a no-show inquiries about vaccination.

In the case of Chungnam Province, if the vaccination reservation is cancelled, an alternative vaccination person is recruited or the vaccination date is delayed.

If not, we give priority to health center response personnel, vaccination center resident volunteers, and vaccination vehicle drivers, and place them on the preliminary list for vaccination.

In the case of the Ammunition Vaccination Center in Sejong City, 400 to 500 people are vaccinated a day, including the elderly 75 years or older, those who enter, use, and work in the elderly facilities, but the no-show rate is currently not at all or at most 5 to 6 people.

The situation in Ulsan is similar.

Recently, with reports that some countries allow vaccinations to travel, many calls are being made to frontline health centers, vaccination centers, and medical institutions asking if they can get the vaccine first.

However, even if no-show vaccine is available, it is unlikely that people who are not on the preliminary list will be vaccinated.

In the case of Ulsan Nam-gu Health Center, vaccines are processed by inoculating response personnel working at the vaccination center when no-shows are available.

These agents are primarily vaccinated priorities, but have yet to be vaccinated on a date.

In this health center, vaccinations are given to 600 to 800 people a day, of which 10 to 20 people are no-shows.

Those classified as other vaccinations in the Busan area were counted as 785, or 1.1% of the 69,000,287 who were eligible for the primary vaccination.

The city of Busan estimates that a large number of these other vaccinated people received the vaccine due to the vaccine no-show.

The quarantine authorities said that the amount of discarded vaccines due to no-shows is almost zero because they call the target person on the day of vaccination appointment to check availability, and make a preliminary list in advance if vaccination is not possible.

A person in charge of quarantine in Chungnam Province said, "I don't know if there are any vaccines left, but I'm doing my best to avoid being discarded because it's not enough."

Unlike regional vaccination centers that provide Pfizer vaccinations for those aged 75 or older, the circumstances are a little different at consigned medical institutions that vaccination against AstraZeneca (AZ).

Public health centers and vaccination centers select preliminary lists or next-ranked candidates in advance for no-shows, but consignment medical institutions receive the consent of hospital patients or guardians without such a process and receive vaccinations immediately.

The quarantine authorities reported that some consigned medical institutions in Gwangju City may inoculate hospital patients or nearby merchants if the AZ vaccine remains for reasons such as no show.

According to the city of Ulsan, about 1 to 2 people a day at consignment medical institutions cancel vaccination due to personal circumstances or physical condition.

In this case, it is known that some patients or guardians who visit the hospital on the same day receive the vaccine to the person who consented to the vaccination.

The AZ vaccine can be administered to 10 people per vial (bottle), and up to 12 people using an LDS syringe.