President Moon Jae-in finished the second dose of the Corona 19 vaccine today (30th).

President Moon and Mrs. Kim Jung-sook visited a public health center in Jongno-gu, Seoul this morning to receive a second dose of AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine.

The 2nd vaccination was taken by the nurse who was in charge of the 1st vaccination around the 23rd of last month.

President Moon said to the nurse in charge before the vaccination, "I received the vaccination, but I did not suffer very much, but the nurse teacher who gave me the injection was rather difficult."

The nurse in charge replied, "All of our teams had a hard time," and then the vaccination was conducted.

Initially, the scheduled time for the second vaccination of President Moon was mid-May, but as the schedule of the ROK-US summit was confirmed, that period was advanced.

President Moon is scheduled to visit the White House on the 21st of next month.

(Composition: Kim Hwi-ran, video coverage: first, editor: Park Seung-yeon)