I hope you can take a closer look at the face of the young man behind me. This is Son Jeong-min, 22, who went missing last Sunday near Banpo Bridge on the Han River. Families are looking eagerly. If you have ever seen it, please contact us.

Shin Jung-eun is a reporter.


'I'm looking for my son. It's a very precious memory for me and my son won't hurt even if I put it in my eyes. .'

This article was posted by the father of 22-year-old Son Jeong-min.

From childhood photos to the day of the disappearance and the final demeanor, the heart of mourning was intact.

Thousands of comments were posted saying'I hope you find my son.

Jung Min-gun's father is still looking for his son today.

[Son Jeong-min's father: Even at this moment, I may be taking my last sip, but I don't know that. I don't know where it will be, but because I don't know, there's nothing I can do... .]

After leaving the house last Saturday night, Jung Min-gun spent time with a friend at Banpo Bridge Hangang Park.

At around 2 a.m. on Sunday, the news ended with a social media post about drinking and dancing.

CCTV spotted a friend leaving around 4:30 in the morning, but Jung Min's whereabouts have not yet been determined.

[Son Jeong-min's father: There is no CCTV like this, and even if I try to find it, I sent a separate letter of cooperation because of the Information Protection Act... .]

The last location of the cell phone, which is believed to have been owned by Jeong Min-gun, was at the water taxi stand across the river.

However, the location tracking error along the Han River was so high that the police expanded the scope of the search.

[Seoul Seocho Police Station Officer: I used a drone to search the banks of the Han River, and I mobilized a police helicopter to search far and far until yesterday.] My

father, chasing his son's traces day and night, gets nervous as time goes by.

[Son Jung-min's father: How much I have to enjoy in the future, but at least I have to live as much as I bought. I really don't have to see it forever. It would be


if I lived.]

This is the impression of the missing son Jung-min.

If you saw Jeong Min-gun near Banpo Bridge Hangang Park in the early morning of last Sunday, please report it.