Why did Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office Lee Seong-yoon not be selected as a candidate, and what will happen to the investigation of this District Prosecutor's Office?

Reporter Won Jong-jin, did District Attorney Seong-yoon Lee give an official response today (29th)?


There was no specific reaction.

He said he finished his job normally today.

It is said that he did not show any reaction even when he learned that the candidate for president had no name.

I thought that the meeting to recommend the candidate for the president of


would be a little longer, but I had this expectation, but the conclusion came out sooner than I thought. Is there any special reason?

<Reporter> In

fact, some of the committee members have expressed their opposition to District Prosecutor Lee Seong-yoon even before the start of the meeting, so there will be some pain today.

That said, there was no big disagreement in the course of the meeting.

The committee members recommended four candidates in turn, but it is said that the name of District Prosecutor Seong-yoon Lee was not mentioned there.

Then there was talk of adding one or two people, including the District Prosecutor's Office, later, but the committee members did not agree that much.

It is interpreted as if the members of the committee came in after making their minds before the meeting due to the fact that the current government's disposition is clear, the prosecution is about to be prosecuted for the investigation of illegal withdrawals, and the fact that he has lost a lot of trust within the organization.


And District Prosecutor Seong-yoon Lee is also the suspect in the illegal departure ban case for Kim Hak's former vice minister. So, what will happen to the investigation in the future?

<Reporter> As

you said, the District Prosecutor's Office is under investigation for Suwon District Prosecutors' Office.

Before the Candidate Recommendation Committee was held, he asked for a convocation of the Investigation Deliberation Committee, saying that he would receive an external evaluation of the prosecutor's office on whether the investigation was justified.

It seems that the investigation process will proceed like this.

In addition, apart from the investigation, when the new president is appointed, it is expected that there will be personnel at the prosecutors' office soon.

It is theoretically possible because there are not very few cases of prosecutor's office even after prosecution, but the burden on the new president seems to increase.