Today (29th), the number of newly confirmed coronaviruses is expected to be around 700. The 28 members of our wrestling national team who are ahead of the Tokyo Olympics have also been confirmed.

Reporter Kim Deok-hyun reports.

<Reporter> It

was on the 19th that a confirmed person was first confirmed in the national wrestling team.

Athletes who participated in the Olympic qualifiers in Kazakhstan were confirmed in the process of returning home.

Since then, other returning athletes, coaches, and delegations leaving to participate in another international competition in Bulgaria have also undergone diagnostic tests. So far, 28 out of 50 delegations have been confirmed.

[Korea Wrestling Association official: (In Kazakhstan) As in Korea, the quarantine regulations are not thoroughly followed, and most people don't wear masks, and even people who check up don't wear masks. Because if one or two people get caught while training and eating together, they will get together... .] With

cases of outbreaks and individual contacts in various places, the quarantine authorities are concerned that the number of confirmed cases may exceed 800 per day in the next two weeks.

[Yoon Tae-ho / Head of the Central Accident Response Headquarters: There are many infected and potentially infected people in the local community... It is most important to follow the quarantine rules in daily life.]

Regarding the controversy over the violation of the quarantine rules raised by President Moon Jae-in at a dinner with retired staff on the 19th, the quarantine authorities are prohibited from gathering more than 5 people as they have the purpose of carrying out the president's own duties, such as listening to opinions for state administration. Explained that it was not a private meeting.