Amid the strong spread of Corona 19 in Korea, the number of new confirmed cases today (29th) was in the second half of the 600 range.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of today's 0 o'clock, the number of new corona19 confirmed cases increased by 680, and the cumulative number was 121,351.

It fell 95 people from yesterday (775 people) and fell below 700 people in one day, but the spread is still there.

Looking at the infection route of today's new confirmed cases, local outbreaks are 650 people and overseas inflows are 30 people.

The number of confirmed cases estimated to have been infected in the community decreased by more than 100 from yesterday (754), but still reached the mid-600 range.

Looking at the recent Corona 19 situation, the '4th outbreak' has begun as group infections continue to spread across the country.

From the 23rd of this month to today, the number of new confirmed patients (as of the date of announcement) for the past week is 797 → 785 → 644 → 499 → 512 → 775 → 680 per day.

During this period, 400 people and 500 people each have one, 600 people two times, and 700 people three times.