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rate of vaccination of police officers who started getting the corona vaccine from yesterday (26th) was about 60%.

At this point, the Commissioner of the Police said that the police should actively participate in the vaccination, but some voices protested, asking if they were forced to get an unwanted vaccine.

Reporter Choi Sun-gil covered it.

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is a post posted on the bulletin board inside the police, saying'AstraZeneca vaccination, freedom, and reads'forced'.

You complained about the atmosphere of being forced to immunize.

There were also articles about whether AstraZeneca vaccination was job-related or whether it was trying to increase the vaccination rate, followed by dozens of comments concerned about side effects.

The head of the Seoul Dongdaemun Police Department was controversial when he posted a post saying, "Let's get the vaccine for all employees."

These are examples of the atmosphere inside the police about vaccination.

[Police: I felt a lot of uncomfortable feelings that I was not trying to match it because it was an essential manpower, but I was trying to save stock.]

Of the 12,970 people subject to vaccination, 60% of the police applied for vaccination until today.

In some regions, it is reported that the application rate is less than 40%, so the police command is embarrassed.

In order to increase the application rate, police commissioner Kim Chang-ryong is known to have instructed, "Create an atmosphere in which employees actively participate in vaccination". It even comes out.

On the other hand, it is hard to argue that encouraging vaccination in line with government policy is not a problem.

The National Police Agency said it was encouraging it with good intentions, not compulsory, and said that vaccination is a social responsibility of the police.

(Video editing: Hongmyeong Lee, CG: Seunghyun Seo, Junho Lee)