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Ministry of Justice handed over the list of 10 candidates for the next prosecutor-general to the Presidential Candidate Recommendation Committee. The list of candidates included Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, Prosecutor Lim Eun-jung, and Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office Lee Seong-yoon, who may be handed over to trial.

This is reporter Bae Jun-woo.


Among the 10 candidates nominated by the Ministry of Justice, Im Eun-

jeong, the

Supreme Prosecutor's Office, and Han Dong-hoon, the prosecutor's office.

Among the active prosecutors, Acting President Cho Nam-gwan and Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office Lee Seong-yoon were also recommended as former Vice Minister Kim Oh-soo and former Busan High Prosecutors' Office.

Now, if the General Nomination Committee, which is held this Thursday, is compressed to three or four of them, Justice Minister Park Bum-gye will select one and propose the appointment to the President.

Interest is whether or not Prosecutor Seong-yoon Lee, who has a clear pro-government orientation, will be selected as the final candidate for president.

Suwon District Prosecutor's Office, who investigated the District Prosecutor's Office due to suspicion of external pressure, has disclosed his opinion of the prosecution against him.

Prosecutor Lee also requested a judgment from the prosecution's external committee on whether the investigation against him was justified, and when and how the judgment will be made will be the biggest variable in the election of the president.

Minister Park Bum-gye, who was criticized for remarks that the prosecutor general should be correlated with the presidential philosophy of state affairs, showed a step back.

[Park Beom-gye/Minister of Justice (Yesterday): I will be very careful about the point that some media points out (correlation with the President's philosophy of government).]

The Prosecutor General, who has been vacant for more than 50 days, is expected to begin his official term as soon as possible after the end of next month because he must undergo a personnel hearing after his appointment.