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Another suspicion was revealed while a man in his 40s, who trespassed into the house of a woman who refused to be dating, was arrested and tried.

The 1st Division of the Seoul Southern District Court announced yesterday (25th) that he was sentenced to three years in prison by additionally applying charges of habitual theft and attempted theft to 44-year-old A, who was initially charged with invading housing.

In August 2019, Mr. A visited the house of the victim B, living in Guro-dong, Seoul, knocked on the door for more than two hours, and was handed over to trial for threatening to "call a key ball in".

It turns out that Mr. A visited the house when Mr. B, whom he had learned three months ago, refused to associate and also refused to meet.

However, around June 2020, when the first trial began, A was charged with theft.

In April of the same year, it was discovered that another victim, C, sneaked into the house and stole 1.7 million won worth of money.

At the time, the first trial court said, "Mr. A is not very guilty by making a detailed plan, such as searching for an empty house in advance and recording and recording the password for the entrance door of the residence using a mobile phone. "I was sentenced to three years in prison.

However, when 102 additional crimes of vacant housewives were confirmed from March 2018 to June 2020, the prosecution again prosecuted Mr. A in November 2020.

There were 26 cases of intrusion into vacant houses but not being able to steal things, and 76 cases of theft. The damage alone amounted to 140 million won.

For Mr. A's charges of habitual theft and attempted theft, the second trial court sentenced him to one year and six months in prison.

In the appeals trial where the two cases were combined, the judge ruled that "Mr. A planned the crime intelligently and deliberately over the past two years, and continued the theft more than 100 times." He then sentenced Mr. A to three years in prison, saying, "In light of the techniques and frequency revealed in the course of the crime, and the fact that the same kind of crime was deliberately repeated, we can admit the habit of stealing.

A court official said, "If the case is merged in the appeal trial, the sentence for each crime is not combined, but the most serious crime is the one that is judged," said a court official. "Even though the two first trials were sentenced to three years in prison and one year and six months respectively In this case, the sentencing is somewhat reduced,” he explained.

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