The police investigating the Burning Sun case in 2019 emphasized the contents of the messenger conversation between Lee Gwang-cheol and the so-called'Police General' Yoon Gyu-geun with a highlighter in the investigation command document in relation to the'Kim Hak's case'. It turned out that it was included and sent to the prosecution.

At the time, the messenger content between the two was first known by the SBS report (▶ [Exclusive] General Yoon, the day before the police summons, a'secret conversation' with the 靑 administrator), and the police chief responded that it was only a private conversation.

However, contrary to the explanation of the police chief, the question is growing as to why the investigation team emphasized the contents of the two messengers' messengers with a highlighter and sent them to the prosecution.

'Lee Gwang-cheol- Yoon Gyu-geun' highlighting

To summarize the SBS coverage of the police and the prosecution, the police who were investigating the Burning Sun case in March 2019 attached the contents of messengers from Senior Administrator Lee Gwang-cheol and General General Yoon Gyu-geun to the documents related to the command of the arrest warrant for those involved in the case and sent them to the prosecution.

Prior to this, on March 14, 2019, Police Commissioner Min Gap-ryong attended the National Assembly and made a remark to the effect that "It is possible to identify with the naked eye that the man in the villa video is the former vice minister of Kim Hak."

The next day (15th), the police summoned General Yoon Gyu-geun and submitted two mobile phones in the form of a random submission to proceed with the forensic work, and in the process, the content of the related conversation was restored.

In the conversation between the secretary and the secretary who was found on the cell phone of General Yun, General Yoon sent a news link containing the remarks of Minister Min on the 14th to the secretary, asking "Isn't Mr. Min good at speaking?" The secretary said, "Manshijitan" and said, "I should have spoken harder. I should have made a confrontational composition of the speculum earlier."

The police emphasized this part with a highlighter pen, attached it to the investigation record, and sent it to the prosecution.

Why is the police?...

Even the prosecution's own meeting

It is reported that the prosecution who received the data at the time even held its own meeting regarding the contents of the messenger.

It is known that the contents of the conversation between Lee and General Yun, which were not directly related to the contents of the case sent by the police, were included in the investigation record, and the intention of emphasizing a specific part with a highlighter was discussed.

Several interpretations have been raised about the intentions of the police to send relevant information to the prosecution.

The part in which General Minister Yun asked Lee's response to Minister Min's remarks to the National Assembly is a point that can be interpreted as a pre-coordinated situation.

Therefore, from the perspective of the police, it is not directly the subject of investigation, and it is difficult to check the part related to the head of the police organization, so the prosecution may have emphasized the related dialogue with the intention of checking.

However, considering the relationship between the prosecution and the police, which was in extreme confrontation in the aspect of prosecutor's right to investigate, this possibility seems low.

Another interpretation is possible.

The police may have judged that the sensitive conversation between the Blue House personnel and police officers could be put into a very embarrassing situation if known to the outside during the police investigation stage.

For this reason, there is a possibility that the police sent the related information to the prosecution in advance at the command stage in the case, and even if the messenger contents were known to the outside, the police already knew that the prosecutors had already known, and they may have chosen a method to relieve their burden by expanding the target of the leak to the prosecution.

In the end, it is known that the prosecution was not able to proceed with further discussions considering the fact that it was not easy to determine why the police sent the contents of the messenger of the two people, who among the investigation team emphasized the highlighter, and the fact that the Burning Sun investigation was not terminated.

It’s just a private conversation

SBS reported on the messenger conversation between Lee Gwang-cheol at the time, then chief executive officer Yoon Gyu-geun, over two days on May 20 and 21, 2019.

▶ [Exclusive] General Yun, the day before the police summons, a'secret conversation' with the administrator

▶ [Exclusive] General Yun, who arranged a'police officer-靑 meeting' after alleged Burning Sun

▶ [Exclusive] Let's increase the Burning Sun investigation... "Let's meet up" to General Yoon and 靑 executive officer

Min Gap-ryong, head of the National Police Agency, said at a press conference held after the SBS report, "It is not desirable to make public debates unrelated to the investigation." At the time, Cheong Wa Dae Spokesman Goh Kohn Jung-jung responded that "it is only a private conversation." However, I don't understand why the police attached information not related to the investigation to the command record, and even sent it with a highlighter pen. According to Commissioner Min's words, it could only be interpreted that the investigation team did it without the police command, but the question arises why the investigation team did such an action. Regarding this, an official from the police investigation team at the time said, "I do not remember the part that I sent the message to the prosecution by emphasizing the contents of the messenger of Lee and General Yoon with a highlighter."

In June 2019, the police, who said, "We will investigate under the luck of the organization," announced the results of the Burning Sun investigation, which had been conducted for four months, and applied only the charges of ex officio abuse against General Yoon and handled bribery charges without charges. However, even after that, the case was not sent to the prosecution for nearly a month. At the end of the investigation, it seems unusual to see that making an announcement to the media and sending it to the prosecution is a normal process for police investigations. At the time, suspicion was raised that the prosecution would deliberately delay the time due to the fact that the contents of the Lee Gwang-cheol-Yun Gyu-geun messenger were disclosed in advance, or that the police would uncover the national suspicion that the police conducted a bad investigation of Burning Sun in the phase of the adjustment of the investigative power.      

The prosecution confiscated and searched the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office last month and secured records of investigations related to Yun Chong-gyeong. It is to investigate the suspicion that Kim Hak's re-investigation is a'planning investigation' to cover the Burning Sun investigation, but in the end, the Burning Sun case was ended with only new suspicions aroused without resolving many national suspicions.