Developer CD Projekt Red seems to have been relatively unaffected by the heady release of

Cyberpunk 2077


In 2020, despite the many errors in the game, 13.7 million copies were sold.

CD Projekt Red gave money back to about 30,000 disappointed people, the company



These are people who contacted CD Projekt Red directly for a refund.

The developer has not included in the numbers people who are requesting money back through other sales channels, such as Microsoft's online store.

Cyberpunk 2077

was not properly playable for many players.

People reported a lot of bugs and crashes.

The game also looked much less beautiful on game consoles than previously promised in images.

This sparked a lot of commotion in the weeks after the game was released.

In the Netherlands, stores such as and Game Mania warned customers of problems.

Sony pulled the game from the PlayStation Store, where it still hasn't returned months later, and the Polish market regulator started an investigation into the also Polish CD Projekt Red.


Cyberpunk 2077 is

"the biggest game in CD Projekt Red's history," the company writes in its annual figures.

This year there are several updates planned to improve the game.

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