Lawyers from streaming service Spotify, dating company Match and gadget manufacturer Tile opened the attack on Apple during a hearing before the US Senate.

According to the companies, Apple is abusing its dominant position by favoring its own services in the App Store,




During the meeting, the companies urged the Senate to limit Apple's and Google's power over app stores.

Especially Apple was tackled.

“Apple is abusing its dominant position as the App Store's gatekeeper to shield itself from competition and penalize rival services such as Spotify,” said Spotify lawyer Horacio Gutierrez.

According to him, Apple is unfairly competing with Spotify with its Apple Music service.

For example, Spotify may not forward iPhone owners to the website of the music service, where the subscription prices are lower.

Prices in the App Store are higher because of the commission that Spotify has to pay.

For each paid subscription taken out through the App Store, 30 percent of the proceeds go to Apple.

Jared Sine, lawyer at Match (Tinder's parent company) says Apple's commission is now the company's biggest expense.

Match claims to pay $ 500 million (416 million euros) to Apple every year.

"That money could or could be spent back to consumers on innovation."

Tile spoke of "unfair competition" before the hearing on Wednesday.

Apple is not aware of any harm

An Apple lawyer says the company has always supported other companies in the App Store: "We don't attack anyone."

Apple has often provided text and explanation about the committee.

The company says it is necessary to fund the platform and ensure quality and privacy.

As of this year, app makers with a turnover of less than $ 1 million have had to pay 15 percent instead of 30 percent of the proceeds.

But the battle for the App Store continues.

Spotify has often complained about the commission.



-maker Epic Games does.

That company took Apple to court, because it was not

allowed to put

its own payment system in



Because Epic Games tried that anyway, the game was pulled from the app store.

This lawsuit will start next month.