At the end of last year, it was revealed that 10 children, including children with disabilities, were abused at a public daycare center in Incheon, and all six of the directors and teachers were being tried, and SBS obtained the investigation records submitted to the court.

As a result of analyzing the contents of the call by forensic prosecutor A's mobile phone, Director A spoke with a teacher the day after the fact of the abuse was first discovered, "I do not think that spraying water on a child with a sprayer is child abuse. Investigation When you receive the instruction, it was a discipline dimension."

When it comes to parents who question the fact of abuse, they say, "I don't have a feeling of sorry. These mothers are ignorant of parenting" or "Isn't this an age when mothers don't know anything, aren't they a good age to go to a nightclub? Also.

On the phone with other teachers, he expressed his resentment, but he also said, "It's not murder, robbery, or theft that I hit a few honey nights, but if I get caught up in public opinion and get serious punishment, it's unfair."

These calls were submitted to the court as evidence to prove Mr. A's allegations of aiding abuse.

Director A explained, "It was just the words I said in an angry state, and I wasn't serious."

In addition, in November of last year, the Korea Childcare Agency surveyed this daycare center, but the classroom for children with disabilities, where most of the abuse occurred, was found to be missing from the survey.

As a result, the daycare center received the highest rating in the government evaluation last year.

Unlike the director of a private daycare center, Mr. A, who is the head of a national and public daycare center, has been hired by a local government, so it is difficult to apply the charges for violating the Child Welfare Act because of the management responsibility.

For this reason, the prosecution only applied charges of aiding abuse against Director A.

(Photo = Yonhap News)