You may remember the case of child abuse at a public daycare center in Incheon, which caused an uprising a few months ago.

All of the teachers in the daycare center were handed over to trial on charges of routine abuse of 10 children, including children with disabilities, and we got the investigation records filed with the court.

From the director, the director, it is clear how lightly the abuse issue was taken.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Lee Hyun-jung.

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teacher roughly snatched the sprayer that the child was touching and sprinkled water, the child covered his face with his arm and avoided it in a corner.

This video was found on CCTV at a daycare center on December 28 of last year by parents who thought they were suspicious of the wounds and abnormal behavior of their 5-year-old son suffering from autism.

Since then, as a number of abuses have been confirmed, two teachers are being prosecuted and the director and four other teachers are being tried in a state of disability.

The investigation record still contains the misconception of Mr. A about the abuse.

The day after the abuse was first discovered, the director talks to a teacher and instructs him to say, "I don't think it's child abuse. If we were to be investigated, it was disciplinary."

Parents who question the fact of abuse may even say, "I don't have any feelings of sorry. These mothers are ignorant of parenting" or "Is this age when mothers don't know anything, is it a good age to go to a nightclub? Do it.

On the phone with another teacher, he expressed his resentment, but he also said, "It's not murder, robbery, or theft that I slapped a few times.

The prosecution forensic the director's mobile phone to secure the contents of the call and submit it to the court as evidence to substantiate the allegation of aiding abuse.

Director A explained, "It was just the words I said in an angry state, and I wasn't serious."

(Video editing: Park Jin-hoon, CG: Lee Yoo-jin)