• MIGUEL POVEDA: "Everyone wants to tag you in things and classify you."

  • INDIA MARTÍNEZ: "It's hard for me to spend money on very expensive things, like bags and jewelry."

Despite the difficult situation in which we find ourselves, and with an unprecedented format of several days per city to cover a wider audience, the singer

Pablo López

(Fuengirola, Malaga, March 11, 1984) has found himself with an audience more dedicated than never, eager to enjoy live music. "Last year, in the midst of the pandemic crisis, we already did 30 concerts and have that experience. Knowing that you can is beautiful. What I have seen now in Palma de Mallorca is

more love than ever, more respect, an overflowing energy ...

Everything is positive and a privilege for me to be able to feel that powerful vibration of the live performance first hand ", he explains excitedly.

Mayday & Stay Tour

will take Malaga to

an effort in triplicate

to be able to offer in different events what was previously achieved in a single concert due to capacity issues. During the summer, you will pass through Valencia, Murcia, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona ... At the same time

, also the



La Voz

launches the fourth album of his career,

Unikornio, after eleven million verses from you

. "My feeling with the songs is that each one is part of a movement.


represents that part in which every man and every woman

looks inward to know each other

, to accept their defects, to be able to love and forgive ... you accept yourself, you go ahead and that's it


. On this tour the album is whole ".

So do we need to ride the unicorn? (Laughs loudly). The unicorn is the impossible, but almost possible. And since in life I have always been hunting unicorns, my songs are precisely that. Because you feel a song, but you don't know where it is. You don't smell or touch it. I represented the analogy like this because I insist that unicorns also have to ruffle their hair from time to time or they may be missing a wing. Mine is a bit rogue, in fact ... I came from a world a bit dark and in the mental stew that this pandemic has been, like the colors of the album, it's nice that your unicorn exists for you and you can chase it even if you never do. lame. From a frenzied pace to shutting yourself up at home with the cat.Has it been a prolific time in songwriting as so many artists say? I have not composed a single song in confinement. For me music is inspiration and the pandemic has been like writing for someone you don't like. I was mowing the grass and playing a lot, but I didn't have the feelings or the desire. I reconfirmed that I am from a bar, that I am to look down the street, that my heart is broken into a thousand pieces and I also break it from time to time. Of hugs. And he couldn't do all that: "I'm the richest man in the world like that, living off your hugs." What a foreboding! When I sang that 'hit' I didn't know how much they could be revalued ... Totally. I do not like the attitude of complaining all day, but if something touches the nose of the Covid is not being able to give hugs.That lack of physical contact kills me because life gives me a hug. I am about touching, smelling and kissing. It is the visible face of this tour, but there is a huge team of professionals, from production to sound engineers, illuminators ... who are finally given work. How does it feel? You can imagine what I can feel. It even surpasses my eagerness to feel fulfilled on stage. On the list of gifts that life gives me is number one. Above they are very good at what they do. Despite the protocol, I live very close to my team. We have been on a tour for two years that in principle could not be done. We are in a bubble of love, and sorry for the cake. What are you inspired by if the lawn stage has not motivated you? To which I was able to go out again, I began to write. With the first discussion, filtering, feeling, traveling, falling in love,the static landscape of the road ... All of that develops later in the studio. We have seen him playing with Nadal, does sport make him disconnect? Yes, I play a lot of tennis with my brother. And it also helps me a lot to sleep and rest. Besides a romantic, who is the Pablo López behind the artist? I am the same. I walk in a constant tightrope between horror and tenderness. I cannot undress my soul in any way, although sometimes it has to be taken to the laundry. Do you Google it or don't you care at all about the tell and tell? Lately they have put him a few girlfriends. Even Sara Carbonero, I'm not looking for or fed up with wine! I am lucky that I have a lot of respect, not only from the public but from the press. It is wonderful because I am becoming a tremendous seducer. I take it with a lot of humor. I wish! (laughs).He prefers to preserve his privacy ... I am not jealous of my private life. People are jealous of my private life! Nobody gives a damn about me (laughs). And in the networks? Are they more affectionate than 'haters'? I promise you I have never read anything bad. Never! Bad I mean insults or ugly things. As a means of direct communication with people I like it a lot, although I publish very little. But it is an interesting channel. You are not as handsome as they can tell you or as bad. And all in its proper measure, because young people are sometimes depositing a parallel life there and any day they go out naked on the street because they have not realized that they did not get dressed. What do you ask of the year of hope? Meanwhile, just in case, I'm playing. I am not pessimistic, rather, pragmatic. I'm having patience not to go crazy.Things fluctuate and I have a certain resignation, because I do what I like. Is music the best refuge to save ourselves from ourselves? I'm going to tell you like this: as they say there will be a

Belle epoque

Happy 20's when we take off our mask and start to hang out on the street (laughs), I already tell you that I already have a trailer with what I'm experiencing at concerts. What I have experienced in Palma the other day has been an exaggeration of love. There is no hairspray to comb it. And what about doing in three concerts what I used to get in one, how does she wear it? Well, my mother is the one who doesn't. She is nervous because I am going to go up to seven, on the ladder. It will be quite an experience. You have to barbecue with the team, because we are in a bubble and we can only get together among ourselves. It's going to be the most family-friendly tour, although I tend to even open my bed door if it's necessary for the people I work with. This is where I come from the brother of the whole world! Although he is from Malaga, he confesses to being in love with Madrid.What are your recommendations - that's true! I am in love with this city. His way of welcoming, his blood and energy. Of your freedom. Even though we parted ways, I'm still passionate about La Latina, where I've lived for a long time. I love touring the entire Cava Baja. I'm here and I hear the Telepizza bike but birds too. It is a great city with a very beautiful urban landscape. I really like Numa Pompilio, where I leave my salary. This seems public, but it is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. Every time I go I fall in love with someone. Everything that happens is wrapped in beauty. I say it openly. And here at the ME Madrid Reina Victoria Hotel I have been very happy. We celebrated the first parties, I had a good time with Antonio [Orozco]. What has he learned in this time? To be a little more courageous.To have more patience in all aspects of my life, even in the way I interact.

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