Today (21st), 4 large-scale reconstruction and redevelopment project areas were additionally designated as land transaction permission zones. After Mayor Oh Se-hoon's inauguration, places where house prices were fluctuating in anticipation were grouped into regulated areas, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government also requested the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to ease the'Reconstruction Safety Diagnosis Standards'.

Reporter Ho-Geon Lee pointed out what this means.


There are 4 additional places designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as land transaction permission zones.

Reconstruction Apgujeong and Yeouido apartment complexes under redevelopment, Mok-dong housing site development project district, and Seongsu Strategic Maintenance Area total 4.57㎢.

It will be applied for one year starting on the 27th, and when trading houses, shopping malls, or land over a certain size, you must obtain permission from the mayor of the ward.

Until now, only residential areas of 180 m2 and commercial areas of 200 m2 or more were required to receive permits, but the standard area has been reinforced to a level of 10%.

[Lee Jeong-hwa/Seoul City Planning Bureau Director: Abnormal transactions are detected, and speculation concerns are increasing, such as sales exhaustion and soaring bid prices.] While

confining the transaction, the Seoul Metropolitan Government sent an official letter to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to ease the standards for safety diagnosis for reconstruction.

In fact, they ask you to solve the safety diagnosis problem that was used as a means of restraining reconstruction.

[Se-hoon Oh/ Mayor of Seoul: I am looking forward to seeing the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's position arrangements in the near future.]

In order to successfully promote the redevelopment of reconstruction, a pledge of Mayor Oh Se-hoon, stabilization of house prices is essential.

It seems that the Seoul Metropolitan Government's actions today are intended to promote reconstruction and redevelopment while securing house prices through some regulations.

It is time to see how the market will react to the stabilization of house prices, rapid reconstruction and redevelopment, and the city's move to catch two rabbits.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok and Hong Jong-soo, video editing: So Ji-hye)