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I have read a lot of articles that the wife of the Belgian ambassador to Korea, who is controversial by slapping a clothing store employee on the cheek, is currently hospitalized for a cerebral infarction.

An official from the Belgian Embassy said yesterday (20th) that the wife of the Belgian ambassador to Korea was admitted to the hospital last week due to a cerebral infarction.

On the 9th, the ambassador's wife was accused of hitting an employee in the back of an employee who checked for purchase by lifting his clothes while visiting a clothing store in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and slapping another employee who was drying them.

The Belgian embassy said, "We will respond to police investigations when the ambassador's wife recovers."

However, the article said that diplomatic ambassadors and their families are subject to exemption privileges, so even if a suspected assault is confirmed, it is highly likely to be unprosected as'no public prosecution'.

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India, praise continues as a hero to a man who saved a child who had fallen on the railroad of a train station by car.

This is a train station in Mumbai, India last Saturday afternoon.

A young son who was walking holding his mother's hand fell onto the track.

At this point, the train comes to the station at this time, but for some reason, the mother could not reach the child and cry out with her hand outstretched.

He knew he was in danger because he was blind, but he couldn't use his hand.

At that time, a man sprinted and lifted the child.

The two managed to get out of the track, and only three seconds later, the train running from the opposite side passed by.

The man who saved the child was Mayur Selke, an employee who works at the station.

The Indian Ministry of Railways praised Mr. Selke, who risked his life and saved the child, as a real hero.

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story of quitting the company after making big money with virtual currency keeps coming out, the article that there are not a few office workers feeling deprived was also of great interest.

Last week, the article that Mr. Son Mo, who was at Samsung Electronics, left after leaving the company became a hot topic.

On the anonymous site for a worker, there was also an article saying that Son bought cryptocurrency with 50 million won of seed money and earned more than 40 billion won.

There is also an employee of the public relations team of a former credit card company that made a profit of about 3 billion won in one year by investing in virtual currency with an investment of 230 million won.

It is said that more and more people are feeling psychologically deprived by this news, and it has become a so-called'thunderbolt' because they have not been able to rise even in the rise of virtual currency following the real estate and stock markets.

There is an increasing number of people working with cryptocurrency in the mind of'even now', especially, it is said that there are many office workers in their 30s and 40s.

However, the cryptocurrency market has been fluctuating and unstable after the current price surge, so the article said that there is a risk of losing money if you jump in the wrong way now.