Next, on April 20th, on the day of the disabled, we will continue today, following yesterday (19th), the actual condition of human rights abuses for the disabled.

Recently, crimes of abuse and exploitation of the disabled through internet broadcasting or social media are constantly increasing.

It's about taking money by showing others abusing people with disabilities.

First, let’s look at the content that reporter Kang Cheong-wan has covered.


[It's still funny.]

Three adult men with wraps on their faces.

[Rock Paper Scissors!

Win, come here.] The

man on the left puts more wraps around the face of the man on the right who was struck by rock scissors.

The man on the left is Baek Mo, a personal internet broadcaster.

The two on the right are brothers A, who are intellectually disabled.

Baek is performing an Internet broadcast with the brothers appearing.

After having Mr. A lean on the floor, he climbed up like a horse, danced, raised his arm and tapped it, and made him sit on the side of the road with a plastic covering for taking a secret camera.

Baek, the perpetrator, has been making profits from this video, but the brothers confessed that he did not pay much price to Brother A and forced him to appear.

[Mr. A/victim: It was just forced. (Mr. Baek) is so scared that I just did it.]

He said that if he refused to appear or did not listen, he was violent.

[Mr. A/victim: The brick (Mr. Baek) hit the cheekbones here, and I sprayed pesticide on me even though I'm not a bug.] The

abuse was not the only one.

As a result of police investigations, Mr. Baek earned over 17 million won by intercepting salaries that his brothers had paid for daily labor or by selling their mobile phones in the name of their brothers and their fathers with disabilities.

Abuse, such as calling a brother to his house every morning to see a child or running errands, has continued for over a year.

[Mr. A/victim: I go to (to the perpetrator's house) early in the morning and then go home at around 8 o'clock in the evening. (What do you say if you come late?) Yes, why did you come late?]

In September of last year, when a disability advocacy agency, which was investigated after receiving reports of abuse, reported to the police, Brother A was able to escape from the swamp of abuse.

[Mr. A/victim: What I want is to make (perpetrator) invisible to my eyes... .] The

police arrested Baek on charges of joint assault, quasi-fraud, and violation of the Disabled Welfare Act, and handed him over to trial on the 8th.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong, video editing: Park Seon)


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