Recently, I told you about the wife of the Belgian ambassador to Korea slapping an employee on the cheek at a clothing store, and the family of the affected employee released a CCTV video at the time saying that this should not happen to service workers again.

This is Hong Young-jae.

<Reporter> On

the 9th, a woman came in to a clothing store in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and pulled an employee who was working and hit it in the back of the head.

When a flurry broke out between the two, another employee intervened, and the woman slammed the dry employee on the cheek.

When police arrived and checked the identity, the offender was the wife of the Belgian ambassador to Korea, Peter Lescui.

The ambassador's wife went to this clothing store and beat the staff in a violent protest when asked if the employees were wearing it without payment, saying,'The clothes you are wearing are similar to clothes sold at the store'.

In accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, families of foreign ambassadors are subject to indemnification privileges.

The police are planning to investigate the wife of the Belgian ambassador to Korea in the near future after completing the investigation of the victims according to the usual investigation procedures.