Last week, Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Ga-ho was infected with the coronavirus for the first time among active lawmakers, and the standing committee of the National Assembly was delayed indefinitely. Prior to Lee, the attendant secretary was confirmed, but the epidemiological investigation revealed that the performing secretary violated the ban on meetings of five or more people and visited the entertainment bar.

This is Sohee Han, reporter.

<Reporter> This

is an entertainment bar in Seo-gu, Gwangju.

On the 9th, a group of 5 people had a drink in the same room until 1:30 am here.

It violated the ban on gatherings of 5 or more people, but the entertainment bar also did not properly list the visitors.

Three out of five were confirmed, and one of the confirmed cases was Mr. A, the assistant secretary of the local district of the Democratic Party, Rep. Lee Gae-ho.

[Mr. A/Secretary of Rep. Gae-ho Lee: I was just sitting down to say hello to my friend when I got a call. (Around 30 minutes? Can I see it like that?) Yes Yes That's it.]

Even though A, the attendant secretary, showed mild cold symptoms two days later, he carried out the schedule of Lee's district for three days.

And as Mr. A was confirmed on the 14th, the schedule of the National Assembly's Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock, Food, Ocean and Fisheries Committee, which is chaired by Congressman Lee, was completely suspended.

In particular, the urgent question on issues related to Japan's decision to release contaminated water, scheduled for the next day, was also postponed indefinitely, and Congressman Lee was confirmed.

At the entertainment bar where Mr. A went, the number of confirmed patients, including the employees and their families, increased to 10.

The quarantine authorities decided to impose a fine for violating the quarantine rules for the attendant secretary who visited the entertainment bar.