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A man in his fifties who was handed over to trial for forcibly harassing an emergency room nurse was sentenced to a fine even at an appeal.

The 2nd Criminal Division of the Gwangju District Court (Judge Kim Jin-man) said that it maintained the court case, which dismissed the defendant's appeal and sentenced to a fine of 3 million won in the appeal of a 53-year-old man A, accused of coercive harassment.

In February 2019, Mr. A fell drunk on the road, injured his head, and was transferred to a hospital in Gwangju through 119 paramedics.

Mr. A was accused of forcibly harassing Mr. B, a nurse who healed him in the emergency room here.

At the time, Mr. A pulled Mr. B, who was disinfecting his head, and touched him as if tapping his buttocks 3 or 4 times. Mr. A's crime was captured in the CCTV footage inside the hospital's emergency room.

At the trial, Mr. A

insisted that


was "

intoxicated and in a state of

mental and physical loss or weakness

at the time


to a head shock,


but the first trial court said it was difficult to admit this, and sentenced Mr. A to a fine and a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program I ordered Isu.

The Court of Appeals also said, "There is no reason to doubt the credibility of the victim's statement in light of the reaction of the victim and surrounding people immediately after the crime, and the reporting process, and there is no motive for innocent of the accused to the victim."

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