SBS received the contents of the Kakao Talk group chat room of the fact-finding team members from Jun-young Park, who participated in the Great Swordsman's Past Photo Investigation Group.

As a result of reviewing the disclosure of the contents of the dialogue, SBS determined that it would be in the public interest to disclose some of the contents to determine whether the activities of the fact-finding group consisting of experts were conducted in accordance with the principles and procedures in order to find out the facts of the case of great public interest. I did.

Looking at the contents of the conversation, the question arises as to whether the investigators were fiercely concerned in the process from the public summons of the former Deputy Minister of Justice Kim Hak-eui to the ban on departure.

In mid-March 2019, the 8 teams of the Great Swordsman's Past History Truth Investigation Team, who was in charge of investigating Kim Hak's case, were ahead of March 31, the end of the originally scheduled investigation period.

The investigators asked for an extension of the investigation period, but the Ministry of Justice, a high-ranking agency, was negative about the extension of the investigation period, saying that it gave him enough time for four months.

Meanwhile, on March 13, prosecutor Gyu-won Lee of the investigation team left a message in the Kakao Talk group chat room where the investigators were, saying, "It won't come out anyway, but we're considering hitting (Kim Hak-ei) public summons."

Prior to this, the investigation team tried to coordinate the summons schedule with the former Vice Minister of Hak Kim, but did not receive a clear answer.

The prosecutor said, "We are also considering the exit strategy," and said with the intention of reviewing Kim Hak's public summons as part of that.

The prosecutor sent a request to attend Kim Hak-e's cell phone and former vice-minister Kim's lawyer, but did not receive an answer.

Then the prosecutor said, "It seems like you're not coming," he said, "I have no choice but to let you know through the news because I may not be able to reach you."

On March 14, the next day, the investigators officially inform the media that they plan to summon and investigate Kim Hak's former Vice Minister on March 15.

Then, Prosecutor Gyu-won Lee said, "((Kim Hak's former vice-minister) is preparing for a surprise attendance (possibility) and questions are being refined." "Ryoni Hara" he remarks.

“I feel a little sorry for the reporters, because Hak-ui Kim is not expected to come,” he says.

It is a question of whether the public summons notification of Kim Hak's former vice-minister, which drew attention from the public, was actually for investigation, and whether it was carefully prepared internally.

The next day, March 15, when former Vice Minister Kim Hak-eui did not actually attend the investigation team, criticism of former Vice Minister Kim grew.

Afterwards, members of the investigators share related articles in the Kakao Talk group chat room, and have a conversation to the effect that public opinion is overwhelming.

Three days later, on March 18, President Moon Jae-in ordered a thorough re-investigation of Kim Hak's former vice-minister.

On the same day, the investigation period of the investigation team is also extended by two months.

Then, Prosecutor Gyu-won Lee suggested that the former vice minister of Kim Hak-e might leave the country to avoid the investigation, so the investigating team asked the Ministry of Justice to ban leaving the country and to inform the media that Hak-e Kim would be banned from leaving the country.

However, it was pointed out that there was a legal flaw in the investigation team's request for a ban on departure, and this prosecutor finally picked up a proposal to request a ban on departure from former Vice Minister Kim at the level of the investigation team.

However, a few days later, on Friday night, March 22, former Vice Minister Kim Hak suddenly attempts to leave the country through Incheon Airport.

Upon learning of this, Prosecutor Gyu-won Lee applied for a ban on departure to the Ministry of Justice, and when the Ministry of Justice granted a ban on leaving the country, former Vice Minister Kim's departure was blocked.

At around 2:30 am on March 23, after the immigration ban was enforced, the prosecutor left the saying, "If you eat discipline, you can't do it" in the KakaoTalk group chat room of the investigators.

The possibility of knowing that there may be a problem with the imminent progression of former Vice Minister Kim Hak-e's ban on departure is raised.

In fact, about two years later, at the beginning of this year, a public interest report was filed stating that there was illegal in the process of banning Kim Hak's departure from the country, and the Suwon District Prosecutors' Office on April 1 used false official documents to ban illegal departure from Kim Hak's former vice minister. Prosecutor Lee Gyu-won was indicted without custody for involvement.

Prosecutor Gyu-won Lee denies the allegations, saying that there was no illegality in the process of applying for a ban on departure from Kim.

Prosecutor Lee Gyu-won also commented on the contents of the conversation in the Kakao Talk group chat room, "Prosecutor Lee Gyu-won is in the midst of a trial and investigation, and it seems inappropriate to tell the media in detail what will be dealt with there."

Still, he said, "There are some things that are difficult to tell because I don't have the contents of the chat rooms that I went to two years or so ago, and I don't have clear memories."

The prosecutor also said, "Attorney Joon-Young Park, who is known to have not been involved in or involved in the investigation of Kim Hak's case after the investigation team went out on January 2, 2019, is the conversation between third parties. It is very questionable whether it is appropriate to disclose the content to others," he said. "The group chat room is where members may have left this or that as a joke, sometimes seriously, in various situations, but I hope that it will not be distorted into a one-sided purpose while thinking of the context before and after. ".