A famous Busan restaurant that served it after putting it in a broth container to heat up the fish cake soup that customers had eaten, and apologizing for it, stopped the business.

The criticism is rising as it is known that the restaurant is a famous restaurant that has been in operation for decades and that it is a'safe restaurant' that has been known to have sanitation problems.

An apology was posted in the name of the restaurant that caused the problem in the famous online community where reports and photos of soup re-tangling were posted.

The restaurant side said, "First of all, I sincerely apologize to many of our customers who may have been heartbroken by this incident," and "I apologize for recognizing the wrong part of our restaurant with your intelligence."

He added, "We are aware of hygiene in order to prevent possible future concerns from our customers, and we will endeavor to make safer and more reliable foods, and we will discontinue our operations until improved."

The restaurant is reportedly closed from yesterday (19th).

The restaurant also said, "If there is a request to investigate (sanitary problems), we will do our best."

Although the restaurant has apologized, the voice of criticism has not subsided as it is known that it is a local restaurant that has been operating for decades and is a safe restaurant.

One netizen said, "It is a shock to the fact that the soup that customers had eaten in a broth was put in a broth at a restaurant that has been open for decades in a situation where there is a fear of the 4th coronavirus pandemic.""Isn't the administrative measure on the 15th of business suspension too weak?"

Last month at a pork soup restaurant in Busan, it became a problem while reusing the Kkakdugi customers used, but as this incident continued, netizens are concentrating on not allowing them to reuse the food they ate.

They suggested, "Let's put the leftover side dishes in one bowl so that they don't recycle before they come out of the meal."

On the 18th, a famous online community posted an article saying that when a customer asked to heat up the fish cake soup that a customer had eaten, he saw the scene where the fish cake soup was put in a broth, taken out, and brought to the customer's table.

The author of the post has released two video capture photos of these scenes on the Internet.

The Busan Jung-gu Office visited the restaurant yesterday afternoon and conducted a field investigation, confirming that the claim of the author of the online community post was true.

The ward office is planning to impose administrative sanctions on the restaurant on the 15th day of business suspension and criminal charges for violations of the Food Sanitation Act.

(Photo = Internet capture, Yonhap News)