Nintendo has started a new lawsuit against Canadian hacker Gary Bowser over the sale of a gadget that allowed illegal games to be played on the Nintendo Switch.

The man shares his name with the character Bowser, one of the most famous opponents of Nintendo's Mario franchise.

According to US law enforcement, Bowser was part of Team Xecuter, a company that sold game console devices that could play illegally downloaded games.

With the gadgets, owners would no longer have to buy the games, causing game companies to lose revenue.

Nintendo now demands 2500 dollars (more than 2000 euros) per edited console.

The Japanese company also wants to see 150,000 dollars (more than 125,000 euros) for every copyright violation.

Gary Bowser was arrested in October.

His alleged colleague Max Louarn has also been in jail since then for his involvement with Team Xecuter.

The two were then charged with 11 felonies.

It is not the first time that the name Bowser has been associated with Nintendo. The company even hired a CEO in 2015 who shares the name with Mario's well-known arch-rival: Doug Bowser. Since April 2019, he has been the Chairman of the Board of the US arm of Nintendo.