The French Thomas Pesquet takes off Thursday from Florida aboard a capsule of the company Space X, and with three other astronauts, to join the International Space Station.

He is to be in command for the next six months.

Until then, it's time for the final checks. 

Thomas Pesquet will take off Thursday noon from Florida for the International Space Station, from the Cape Canaveral site in Florida, aboard a Crew Dragon capsule created by the Space X company. The French will be the commander of the International Space Station (ISS ) during his six-month assignment.

For now, he has been in quarantine for a week, and until takeoff with three other astronauts, he is busy with the final checks.

Starting with his diving suit, which he will use for his spacewalks.

The last days of the astronaut on dry land are also occupied by the flight procedure: in this Space X rocket, Thomas Pesquet will be seated on the right.

The capsule, devoid of any button, can be operated only with three touch screens.


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"He is ready"

In short, enough to occupy the quarantine imposed until the moment of getting into the rocket, so as not to risk carrying germs on the ISS.

Thomas Pesquet still does a few hours of sport every day, confides to Europe 1 his colleague, the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano, who trains with him.

"I was at the NASA gym with him. He is in great shape, he continues to train with his crew. Now the training is very simple: it is a refresh of the flight procedures", explains- he does.

"I would say he's very happy. He's ready!"

In addition to his family, Thomas Pesquet has the opportunity to invite 80 people to attend his take off, people who are currently arriving in the United States.