Few things like more in Madrid than a squid sandwich.

Who has not succumbed to the temptation to throw in that mouthful that is part of

our gastronomic and sentimental culture


Wednesday the 14th is

Calamari Sandwich Day

and the perfect excuse to take a walk around the city and understand, firsthand, why we like this painterly sandwich so much.

We enter the traditional sand with

Los Galayos

, a centennial house in the Plaza Mayor, the



par excellence.

In this place the sandwich of a lifetime is prepared:


and crunchy squid floured and fried in olive oil.

And what better way to accompany it than with a

well-drawn beer

while enjoying the views offered by its two terraces, one in the middle of the square and the other, more flirtatious, in Botoneras.

Price: 3.90 euros.


Botoneras, 5. Telephone: 91 366 30 28.

Los Galayos

How not to include the proposal of

La Retasca

, that tavern with a traditional soul inspired by those of the 60s and located in the






Advised by Juanjo López Bedmar (you know, La Tasquita de Enfrente), the coordinates of her sandwich are clear: "We use

national squid

, which is fried with

Sevillian frying flour

, sourdough minichapata and lime mayonnaise," they explain from the restaurant.

Price: 7 euros.


Ibiza, 38. Telephone: 91 060 72 30.

The Retasca.

Another essential on this tour is the squid sandwich that

Celso and Manolo

usually offer


In this tavern in the Chueca neighborhood they prepare it with

squid from Santander

, battered only with

organic flour ground in a stone mill

and fried in olive oil.

Then, they are put in the loaf of artisan bread and a touch of mayonnaise is added.

The sandwich is accompanied by some grid potatoes that they make at home.


to mariners!

The sandwich will not be available until this weekend

as the bread supplier has changed.

Price: 8 euros.


Libertad, 1. Telephone: 91 531 80 79.

Celso and Manolo.

But not everything is going to be classicism.

We even find

sea ​​and mountain



Thus, for example, in

dNorte they

bet on the


, a type of squid widely used in Santander, and on the Iberian dewlap.

Liliana Rendón

, at the helm of Villoldo's little brother's stove, tells us the recipe: "El peludín 'is' 200 grams of squid cut into



. We put them in flour and fry them until they are crisp. To make the

Iberian dewlap

, we cut it very finely and put it in

the oven to brown it

. Then, we incorporate the two ingredients into the bread, which we bring from Asturias, and enjoy. "

Price: 9 euros.


Mesonero Romanos, 8. Telephone: 91 110 13 24.


We're going to the Las Letras neighborhood.


Viva Madrid

-the historic 19th-century local Madrid that in 2018 mutated into an "unusual" cocktail bar and tavern by the work and grace of Diego Cabrera- they also update this dish.

"It is a squid sandwich with squid

ink brioche bread

, which we make by infusing the milk of the bread with squid ink and fish broth. The squid are tiny, they are passed through

semolina flour

and fried in olive oil Virgin so that they are crunchy and maintain the flavor of squid,

without being greasy,

"they explain from the premises.

They are served with a

herb aioli

(dill, parsley, Provencal herbs ...) and mustard pickles "that raise the flavor of the sandwich", they conclude.

Price: 8 euros.


Manuel Fernández y González, 7. Telephone: 91 605 97 74.

Long live Madrid.

More versions, this one

with a Peruvian-cañí touch: the sandwich squid

in tempura and rocoto

Mario Céspedes made in




of the district of Salamanca.

For the main ingredient, the chef uses a sample

from northern Spain

, which he fries in tempura and to which he adds a few drops of lime.

Then, put the squid in

glass bread

and accompany the sandwich with a rocoto sauce with crushed coriander.

Price: 8.80 euros.


General Oráa, 45. Telephone: 690 05 17 80.


A couple of months ago,

80 Grados

-teaches that José Manuel Vidal and Óscar García opened in 2010 in Las Tablas and that today it is present in Malasaña, Pozuelo de Alarcón and Castellana- added a personal


to the



to their letter


They prepare it with squid,

black bread with black kimchi mayonnaise and red curry

and, to finish, they add a mince of red onion, lime, coriander and oil.

Price: 6 euros.


Manuela Malasaña, 10. Telephone: 91 445 83 51.

80 degrees.

It is one of the




, the gastronomic space located in the NH Madrid Nacional that is inspired by the quality native tapas, the fine side and the high altitude cold meats.

The characteristics of your squid sandwich?

Muffin bread with a little black garlic


Andalusian squid

, battered only in flour and fried in olive oil.

Price: 4 euros.


Paseo del Prado, 48. Telephone: 91 429 66 29.


We close with a classic, this time in Ciudad Lineal.



Yes, pronouncing his name and talking about


(those potatoes as authentic as the sandwich we are dealing with) is all one.

But it is that in this establishment, which opened its doors in 1963, they also have a hand for squid.


serve them as a portion and also as a sandwich

, with baguette bread. We buy the squid, clean it well, cut it into rings and make them Andalusian style. That is, we flour them and fry them," explains Raúl Tarancón, executive chef. .

A sandwich "

well stuffed with squid

, is equivalent to half a portion, which can be accompanied with our

homemade aioli

", concludes Tarancón.

Price: 5.50 euros.


Alcalá, 337. Telephone: 91 367 83 17.

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