Microsoft has released its Android smartphone Surface Duo on the Dutch market, the tech giant reports.

The phone contains two separate screens and is mainly intended for the business market.

The Android smartphone contains two screens, both of which have their own battery.

The device does not have a folding screen, but can be folded by folding the two separate screens over each other.

For example, having two screens can be useful during video calling.

While the image is on one screen, you can annotate on the other screen.

There are two variants: a more expensive version of 1,664 euros with 256 GB of storage space and a cheaper version of 1,565 euros with 128 GB of storage space.

Because the Surface Duo is intended for the business market, the smartphone is only available from resellers designated by Microsoft.

The Surface Duo has been available in the United States since last year and in France and Germany since February.