Due to human error at construction company Heijmans, eleven hundred candidates for a new construction project in Zevenhuizen received privacy-sensitive data from other interested parties.

An employee accidentally emailed an overview with addresses, incomes and equity on Monday, the




There was a lot of enthusiasm for the new-build project with 54 owner-occupied homes, 26 of which in the social sector.

After the assignment, 1,100 interested ones who were drawn were disappointed.

They received an email Monday afternoon that they had been left out, but that email also contained an Excel file containing the personal details of all other interested parties and their partners.

According to a Heijmans spokesperson, this is a human error: the attachment was accidentally added to the e-mail by an employee.

"Normally we do not have this information at all, but because the municipality set limits on the assets and income for the social housing, that was necessary in this case."

The error was immediately discovered after sending and the construction company then withdrew the mail again after a few minutes.

"But that only works for people who had not yet opened the e-mail. We are currently investigating how many people had already opened the e-mail."

Heijmans has reported the leak to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

The victims have received an email in which the company apologizes.