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order to solve the problem of garbage in the metropolitan area, the government made an open recruitment for three months saying that it would find a new landfill, but until today (14th), nowhere has been made.

It is a situation that the Ministry of Environment and the three local governments in the metropolitan area need to discuss again at the origin.

Reporter Jang Se-man covered it.

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long line of trucks lined up at a landfill in Incheon's metropolitan area, and garbage collected from all over the metropolitan area every morning is buried here.

The initial promise of the Ministry of Environment and three local governments, including Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon, was to end the use of the landfill when the 3-1 landfill that is currently in use is full.

However, as discussions on alternative landfill sites did not progress, the city of Incheon declared last year that it would stop using the landfill sites as of August 2025.

[Baek Jin-ki/Chief of the Residents' Countermeasure Committee for the End of the Metropolitan Area Landfill: We have been buried here for 30 years, and our residents have to endure the damage.] If the

actual landfill is stopped, 700,000 tons of garbage per year are incinerated. However, the incineration facilities are also saturated, and garbage is inevitable throughout the metropolitan area.

So, despite the funding of 3,300 billion won and seeking a local government to provide an alternative landfill for three months, the public offering was canceled and the public was handed over to the Ministry of Environment and the four-party council of metropolitan local governments.

From the metropolitan local government to the Ministry of Environment, what about the four-person position who will sit at the negotiating table?

First is Incheon.

[Park Namchun/Incheon Mayor: I urge you to Seoul and Gyeonggi.

Let's dispose of garbage at each generation



Incheon City must adhere to the principle of disposal of garbage generation sites and the agreement six years ago when it announced the suspension of use of the landfill.

Seoul, Gyeonggi and the Ministry of Environment are different.

[Se-Hoon Oh/ Mayor of Seoul (Last month 30, by-by-election debate): Currently, there is no place in downtown Seoul to dump trash.

Therefore, there is no choice but to have good consultations with (Incheon).]

Seoul City, Gyeonggi Province, and the Ministry of Environment interpret the four-party agreement six years ago in the opposite direction.

There is a clue that if a replacement site is not found, the remaining lot of the current landfill site can be used.

If the two sides' confrontation over the literal interpretation of the agreement goes to the courtroom, only little time can be wasted.

You have to come up with a practical alternative and get head-to-head as soon as possible.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong, Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)