Senior police officers played golf with businessmen last year and stayed overnight at a resort.

It is a place that costs about 900,000 won a day, and they say that it was a private meeting and that they paid each other.

First of all, this is the exclusive report by reporter Kim Sang-min.


A golf course in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do.

It is one of the best golf courses in Korea.

This is a picture of my wife who came to the golf course with my family in July last year.

On the far left is General A of the local police department.

After taking important positions such as the Presidential Security Service, he was promoted to the general police officer as the earliest among the classmates of the police college.

The far right is the spouse of Kyung-jeong B, who has been in charge of criminal intelligence-related affairs at the National Investigation Headquarters since January of last year.

The other two are the wives of the businessman who ran the entertainment company and the hospital director.

At the same time, four husbands also played golf separately, and Mr. A's husband and former policeman, D, has been in charge of hiring a large company after retirement.

At that time, the cost of golf was about 260,000 won per person.

They also rented two rooms at the golf course resort and stayed overnight, and the cost of accommodation per room per day was worth 900,000 won.

Mr. C, a businessman who attended the meeting, paid for all the accommodation fees with a card.

The 2,100,000 won of golf expenses for 8 people were paid by the accompanying hospital director.

In response, B Kyung-jeong said that he had been introduced and exchanged with a businessman C at a drinking party with an acquaintance 10 years ago.

Police officer A, officer B, and police officer A's husband are all members of the police college.

(Video coverage: Choi Woong Choi, Yongwoo Kim, Video editing: Seungjin Lee)     

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